How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner that Smells Bad

Smell Vacuum Canister CompartmentIt would be absurd to expect your vacuum cleaner to suck up all manner of dirt and still retain a fresh smell without any maintenance.

Residues of dirt, debris, and filth that your vacuum picks up often rot within the unit resulting in the disagreeable smell that often wafts through your room.

Here are some ways you can deal with this vacuum odor:

Clean your Vacuum With Baking Soda

The pungent smells that are released from the different parts of your vacuum machine can be eliminated with a thorough wash using baking soda. The bag compartment, hose, and filters are some of the areas that you should target. Ensure that the parts that you have cleaned are sufficiently dry before they are reassembled.

You should also direct your attention to the grime and murk that build up on the cleaner after intensive and extensive usage. The idea behind the use of baking soda derives from its acknowledged capacity to absorb the odor from the cleaner. Regular cleaning of your vacuum goes a long way in keeping the pungent smells at bay.

Replace The Excessively Smelly Bags

Vacuum BagIf cleaning the unit doesn’t seem to solve the problem of bad smell, you should consider replacing the bags.

You may have to find bags that are designed with enhanced filtration, which is crucial for reducing the odor that escapes from the dirt within.

The extra filtration layers are important for limiting the release of odor.

Usually, basic washing of your vacuum’s bag will help to eliminate the levels of odor that escape from its interior.

You should consider increasing the regularity of the cleaning if the area to be vacuumed is excessively messy. Bagless vacuum cleaners can be cleaned by emptying, washing, and drying the dirt bin.

Check For Traces of Smelly Clogs

Clogs in your vacuum cleaner may be the main reason behind the odor. One of the most notorious places that you should check is the hose. When clogs stay for a long time, they often begin to decay, which results in that awkward smell.

Smelly clogs tend to get into the machine after vacuuming the kitchen area. Food particles that stick in the different parts of the unit until they rot and release funky odors. Therefore, you should inspect the entire vacuum unit for any smelly clogs that will undoubtedly compromise the sweet smell of your home.

Use Lavender Deodorant to Remove Odor

Scented deodorants that are designed for vacuums should be used to improve the smell of your cleaner. You may settle for lavender as one of the most effective fresheners for eliminating pet odor and stale-smells. Experts recommend the use of mild fresheners to avoid irritating sensitive people.

There are a number of options to choose from online. The merit of using these deodorants is that their lovely scent lingers in the room for a long time after vacuuming. However, the use of these scents should not be considered as an alternative to thorough washing of the entire vacuum.

More Quick Tips to Eliminate Vacuum Odor

  • Sprinkling cinnamon inside the canister part of the machine.
  • Use dried orange rinds inside the vacuum bag.
  • Put some coffee beans inside the canister.
  • Dismantle and air out the individual parts regularly.
  • Replace old filters that need replacing.


Vacuum cleaners tend to develop unpleasant odors after extensive use. The causes of the stale-smell ranges from the accumulation of dirt residues to clogging. Cleaning of the filters, hose, bags, and dirt bins can help to eliminate this smell. Vacuum deodorants are also highly effective in eliminating the odor.

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