Selecting The Best Vacuum Brand For Your Home

Differentiate Between Cleaning Capacity and Cleaning Ability

Have you ever bought a vacuum that had all the critical features you needed, but it didn’t work as well as you expected? Maybe, you just didn’t understand the difference between a vacuum’s cleaning capacity and its cleaning ability. The best brands will offer you a vacuum that’s not just capable of cleaning, but also able to clean – get it?

Light Weight Makes Crevice Tools Work

Vacuum CapacityIt doesn’t matter how many ingenious tool attachments your vacuum has, if it isn’t lightweight, you won’t manage to carry it around easily to those hard-to-reach areas. Hence, a vacuum that offers a wide range of crevice tools could be said to have cleaning potential/capacity, but only if it is also light in weight would it have the greatest ability to perform it’s intended function.

A cursory look at existing products reveals the Dyson V6 stick vacuum that weighs almost six times less (4.6 pounds of the basic in-hand components) than the Shark Rotator vacuum (Pro Lift-Away version), weighing 15.5 pounds.

You can clearly see how much more flexibility you would have in maneuvering the Dyson V6 while using its floor-to-roof cleaning tools.

Quality Brush Rolls Won’t Work Well Without Brush-Roll Clean Technology

We were all content with the wasted time in cleaning out jammed items from brush rolls, until the Electrolux Precision vacuum (Brushroll Clean version) came along. This vacuum delivers even greater cleaning ability, since its brush-roll clean technology allows you to simply press a lever to extract jammed items from the brush roll.

Your vacuum may have great potential/capacity of doing a thorough cleaning job if it has good quality brush rolls; however, it certainly won’t have the ability to continue cleaning without any interruption, if it doesn’t have the brush-roll clean technology.

Without a Good Dust Bin, Suction Power isn’t So Good

Possessing greater suction power means that your vacuum would pick up many more particles than any other product. However, if its dust bin is small or cumbersome to remove, you might spend much more time taking it off and putting it back on instead of cleaning, simply because the dust bin would get filled up so much faster with the extra dirt particles.

To avoid such an inconvenience, whenever you consider suction power, make sure to also consider the condition of the dust bin:

  • Is it easily removable?
  • Is it big enough?
  • Does it feature dust compression?

No wonder the Hoover Air Steerable vacuum (Bagless Upright version) not only possesses powerful-suction WindTunnel 3 technology, but also a convenient bottom-release dust bin cup.

Powerful Suction Needs Powerful Air Filtration

Since powerful suction means that many more particles are picked up from the floor surface, when sucked-in air is exhausted, the powerful-suction vacuum has greater potential of releasing far more particles into the air you breathe as compared to a less powerful vacuum. Therefore, such a powerful-suction vacuum would require even greater air filtration capacity; otherwise, there wouldn’t be much cleaning going on (considering overall cleanliness of both floor and air).

Apparently, the Hoover WindTunnel 2 High Capacity vacuum’s (Pet Bagless Upright version) powerful-suction WindTunnel 2 Technology made it necessary to have not only carbon, but also HEPA media air filtration.

These few insights will give you some pointers as to where you might have gone wrong in vacuum selection. Some products might look great, but they might not work great.

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