Simple Guide For Buying Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum Attachments

Is it just me, or do some of the attachments for your vacuum cleaner look more like car engine parts than cleaning tools? Besides the main upright setting and the occasional hose attachment, what else do you need? And should you ever buy an attachment you don’t have?

Although some of the vacuum cleaner accessories seem pointless, each has a particular use and can actually save you a lot of headache while cleaning. The most common vacuum attachments right now include:

  1. The round bristled brush.
  2. The detailing pipe.
  3. The upholstery brush.
  4. The floor/stairs brush.

While some of these come with the vacuum cleaner when you buy it, you might look into buying what you don’t have once you see how useful it can be! Here’s a quick guide for the intended use of each attachment.

The Round Bristled Brush

Often neglected, this little guy is actually one of the more useful pieces you can have with your vacuum. It’s a very effective dusting attachment, and can help you clean off softer surfaces. You can use this one for hard to clean places like curtain rod areas, lampshades, picture frames, the baseboards of your walls, and ceiling fans. Rather than using a traditional duster that will spread all the dust around for you to then vacuum up, give this piece a try and you might be wishing you had known what to do with it a long time ago!

The Detailing Pipe

I don’t think that anyone will disagree that this piece looks pretty funky. Generally, it comes as a long pipe-looking hose attachment that gets very narrow towards to end. There are no bristles on it, and the only thing it looks like it could do is clean corners. Actually, it’s far more versatile than that, being designed for not only reaching almost every place in your house or car but also fitting into the narrow places you don’t consider very much.

Have you ever struggled vacuum your car? Maybe you even used various attachments in the past to try to reach between the seats and get all the nasty little things that collect there.

Next time, try the detailing pipe. It can fit easily and conveniently between surfaces like these while having a strong enough suction to get everything out. Another handy use is for underneath or behind the fridge, which can help your appliance last longer. It even works great on dusty wall vents!

Overall this attachment is very handy. It is ideally made to fit into all the places that nothing else can, while also being perfect for cleaning out the corners of walls where your regular vacuum head can’t.

The Upholstery Brush

If you have old of antique rugs, couches, pillows, or anything like that which needs to be vacuumed, this tool is the one you want. It looks a lot like the traditional main vacuum head, only a lot smaller. Because of its smaller size and less abrasive suction method, the upholstery brush can help you protect your fine rugs and couches. Also, it’s a whole lot easier to get this on top of a couch than it is full-sized vacuum cleaner!

The Floor/Stairs Brush

I have grouped these two together because they can sometimes be the same attachment, or have very little difference. The floor brush is usually smaller than the average vacuum head, with a setting that lifts the spinning bristles up so that it can be used on hardwood floors without damaging them. It is able to get around in smaller or tighter spaces on both carpet and hard floors, making it wonderful for cleaning around furniture, in kitchens, or under tables.

The stairs brush has many of the same functions, but it may be smaller than the floor brush and is very handy for cleaning staircases with either carpet or hard surfaces. It attaches to the hose, so if you have an upright vacuum, you won’t have to lug it onto each and every step ever again. If it’s used with any sort of extension, the chances are you will be able to reach every step on your staircase without moving the main vacuum at all.

Next time you clean your house, think about using some of these different attachments to help you save time and effort. If you don’t have the one you need, you can find it at many department stores. or any store where you can purchase a vacuum cleaner. Work smarter, not harder!

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