Why I Chose a Shark Upright Vacuum Over Its Competitors

The Shark upright vacuum cleaner is an indisputable leader in the cleaning industry, thanks to its versatile functionality.

This cleaner presents the perfect merger between affordability and performance, ultimately offering the best value for money. If you are frugal like me, you will love this vacuum.

There are several reasons why I’d settle for a Shark any day over other options available in the market. They are:

  • Design
  • Versatility
  • Functionality
  • Affordability


Upright Vacuum From SharkThe upright vacuums from Shark have pretty decent designs, one I find endearing. This, for the simple reason that the designers did not try too hard to incorporate a futuristic design; I am all for simplicity, and this is a great option for me. Its simplicity, however, belies its great performance.

The wand, also referred to as the handle, feels firm in comparison to other models where the handle feels wobbly at best. I also love that Shark upright models offer an excellent way to collect dirt with the inclusion of the bin.

If you are concerned about hauling the vacuum while using the canister, you will be glad to know that the overall weight is actually manageable. The flip side of these benefits (but which I can do with), is the fact that the detachable attachments cannot be stored within the cleaner, so I tend to find my vacuum cleaner parts strewn across my living room.


If I had to choose only one of the features, I would have to settle for its versatility. Think of the adjustable head, control panel where suction power can be adjusted as well as the availability of a convenient canister. The latter is particularly helpful because it enhances portability, making vacuuming a lot easier.

Sturdy surfaces sometimes make it difficult to clean, which is why Shark upright vacuums offer the option of including a crevice gadget to clean those hard to reach corners (and we all know how important this is when you have toddlers). I am also enamored by the inclusion of a power brush that effectively gets rid of dust, fiber and pet fur (Yes, for you pet-lovers!).


The functionality is yet another reason why I’d recommend a Shark over its competitors. With the array of accessories, you’d expect this cleaner to be clumsy to handle. On the contrary, it is not only easy to disassemble and use in canister mode, it is also pretty easy to maneuver.

Shark uprights are also lightweight, particularly when compared to other models in the market. I loved this aspect since it makes it easy for me to clean when I am not feeling too well; you do not want to feel like you are dragging a truck around the house. This means it is also ideal for the elderly, adding to its usability.


Shark seems to make overrated statements by claiming to clean better than other notable brands. It therefore comes as a pleasant surprise for most people when they discover that the cleaner does live up to its expectations if the aforementioned features are anything to go by.

Shark carries some of the most affordable upright cleaners in the market right now. These vacuums tends to score higher than its competitors, and is the go-to budget cleaner. They are not the most powerful upright vacuum cleaners around, but if you are keen on value for money, look no further than this amazing brand!

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