Proper Way to Use a Shark Steam Cleaner

Having a Shark steam cleaner in the home is as necessary as having a coffee pot, especially if you have children or pets.

More importantly, you must know how to operate your cleaner in order to get the most from it. The Shark Portable Steam Pocket is a portable handheld system that’s convenient and easy to use just about anywhere in your home.

Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner

Surfaces such as thin, narrow areas, hard to clean fabrics, and flat surfaces are just the type of jobs that Shark likes to tackle.

For garments that need a little bit of extra cleaning attention, the Shark has an attachment just for that. There are attachments for those surfaces that once required deep scrubbing. No longer will you need toxic chemicals for such purposes.

How to Use Your Steamer

Proper usage is the only way to make sure that years down the line, your cleaner will still work as good as new.

shark-steam-tankTo fill the tank; First, un-plug the steam bottle, take tight hold of the water tank while turning the cap counter-clockwise until removed from the container.

Remove the cap placing it somewhere that you will remember. (Don’t laugh, we all lose the caps from time to time).

Using distilled water is always the best choice for your steamer.

Fill the tank until it reaches the “filled” line using the provided flask that came with the product. Screw the cap back into the water bottle ensuring it is tightly sealed.

Operating Your Steamer

Determine which cleaning tool you will need and attach it to the bottle. Do this by locating the arrow on the attachment with the symbol for “Unlock” on the bottle. While pressing on the attachment, turn the nozzle clockwise securing it in position. After plugging in the steam bottle, check for the blue light, which indicates that your bottle is properly heated.

Wait for approximately 45 seconds, press and hold the trigger until steam starts exiting from the attachment. While holding the attachment close to the item being cleaned, aim the nozzle and press the trigger to release the steam. Slowly move the container around with constant movement while steam is evenly being dispensed.

Do not hold the nozzle at a single point for an extended amount of time. Irreversible damage can happen if you allow a continuous flow into one spot for too long. Once you have determined the amount of steam needed for the project at hand, release the trigger. With a soft, clean cloth wipe the surface down, removing the remaining debris.

The Don’t’s

  • Never use cleaning solutions or products with perfume or oils.
  • Never use on a surface that is not intended for water or on untreated wood flooring.
  • Never use on surfaces not intended to withstand heat.
  • Never point the nozzle of attachment towards an individual.
  • Never operate your cleaner without having an attachment connected.
  • Never allow children to handle it.

Shark Steam Pocket Review

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