Shark Rocket Ultralight HV302 Review

Cleaning Roof with Shark UltralightAs far as upright stick vacuums go, the Shark Rocket Ultralight HV302 is a high-end product.

A unique design coupled with convenient features help this vacuum to stand one step ahead of the competition.

If you have medium-high pile carpet covering your whole home, then you might not be able to replace your full size vacuum with this Shark vacuum.

It can make a very handy addition for cleaning some surfaces that the full size has a difficult time with such as the stairs or under the furniture.

It is intended for hard surfaces, area rugs, and low-medium pile carpets.


The funky design of this vacuum, with the motor so close to the handle, is the first thing most people will notice. Beyond that noticeable trait, the vacuum comes standard with a few nice features:

  • Shark Rocket UltraLight HV3022-Speed Brush Roll – While you don’t have the option to turn this roller off, you can adjust the speed to allow for better cleaning of hard surfaces versus carpets.
  • Rubberized Handle – This comfortably designed handle will help you keep your grip on the machine, a good feature as the motor is located by the handle.
  • 30 ft. Cord – This is longer than the normal 20 ft. cord provided on most stick vacuums. That extra 10 ft. of cord will help you to get to every part of the room you need to without switching power sockets. If you have a large staircase in your home, this little bonus can save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Washable Filtration – While not HEPA certified, the multiple filters on this machine are all washable and reusable, meaning you will hardly ever have to buy a replacement. Additionally, this is a bagless vacuum that has a bottom-replace dust cup. When necessary, you can empty the cup and rinse it out for the next use.
  • Cleaning Wand – With a detachable head and weight mostly centered at the handle, this vacuum can easily be used to clean surfaces normally reached by a hose and wand combination. Simply take the main cleaning head off and replace it with one of the provided attachments, or one of your own if you’d prefer. You’ll be able to easily reach everywhere you need to clean.
  • Accessory Bag of Attachments – The Shark Rocket HV302 comes with a crevice tool, upholstery cleaner, dusting brush, detail kit, dust away attachment kit, and a handy bag to store them all in. Because the attachments can’t be kept on the vacuum itself, the bag makes storage a lot easier.
  • Wall Hook and Mount – Included on the handle for easy storage, this saves your closet space and helps with the specific design of the machine.


A wise shopper knows that features mean nothing if they don’t work well. Here’s an idea of what most people agreed is great about this vacuum:

  • Reaches under furniture easily because of the swivel head and low profile – You can get under nearly everything in your house without having to move it, so you might save your back the trouble it would otherwise go through.
  • Powerful suction even on carpets – This is surprising as it is not common for a stick vacuum to work well on carpets. The Shark Rocket does it’s job well, except when it comes to high pile carpeting. Otherwise, very good suction on hard floors and area rugs as well.
  • Light weight at only 7.5lbs – The weight might feel a little awkward at first as it is near the handle instead of lower down, but you will come to appreciate that fact when you have to vacuum around the corners or near the roof!
  • Versatile and easy to use for all the odd jobs – Dusting, cleaning the car, stairs, you name it, and this vacuum can manage it.

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“What’s the catch?” is always a good question to answer before you invest in a machine such as this one. The “catch” that some people discovered after use looks a little something like these examples:

  • Brush doesn’t turn off – This might be nice for carpets, but isn’t necessary for hard floors and can make it hard to get some of the smaller, less cooperative dirt.
  • Awkward weight distribution – This makes it so this vacuum does not stand up on it’s own at all. You have to carefully lean it against a surface or the top-heavy design will topple over. If you have a pet or small child that might bump into the machine, this can be an accident waiting to happen.
  • Dust cup fills too quickly – This because the vacuum itself is not very large. For a stick vacuum, it’s actually not that uncommon, but it can be obnoxious when you have to empty it after each room before being able to continue to the next.

The Final Verdict

In the world of stick vacuums, the Shark Rocket HV302 does not disappoint. As mentioned before, you might not want to replace your regular canister or upright with this model if you have a fully carpeted house with medium-high pile wall to wall carpets. Otherwise, the HV302 is perfect and can make your life a little easier if you are currently messing with the hassle of hoses or battery powered vacuums. Don’t forget to check out some customer feedback reviews first before buying.

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