Shark Professional Vacuum: 4 Features You Won’t Realize You Need Until You Do

Looking at various Shark Professional vacuums, you might dismiss certain seemingly useless features as being merely an attempt to make such products stand out from the crowd. That is, until you actually discover how valuable such features are in particular situations…

On-Board Accessory Storage

The Shark Rotator vacuum (Powered Lift-Away version) has on-board accessory storage to keep cleaning tools on the vacuum.

You don’t really need it, do you? Well, picture this scenario…

You started cleaning your house from the living room and now that you’re in the bedroom, you realize that you need the cleaning hand, which you left in the living room. That may seem like a minor inconvenience, but if you’re in a rush to go off somewhere, it would be too much to ask. You need it right there; otherwise, you might not clean that particularly hard-to-reach spot and your next cleaning day is days or even weeks from now. Then the same thing happens on your next cleaning date, and the one after, until you go a whole year without cleaning that spot!

All that would be avoided if you had the cleaning wand right there in the on-board accessory storage.

LED Headlights

No one would be crazy enough to clean at night or in the dark, so why would you need LED headlights in broad daylight?

It may be day time with all the lights turned on; however, as you navigate through your furniture, certain areas may be shaded from the light (especially those spaces beneath heavy pieces of furniture). The last thing you would want is to sprain your ligaments trying to move heavy things.

Simply turn on those powerful LED headlights on your vacuum’s floor nozzle or handle, for heavy-lifting-free cleaning.

Ergonomic Design

Are ergonomic handles, fingertip controls and easy-carry handles overrated?

Well, several studies have shown how musculoskeletal health can be affected by simple cleaning tasks using a vacuum cleaner. This usually happens with prolonged and repetitive use in large institutions. However, even when you’re using the vacuum in your home – especially when cleaning your entire house – you might feel a bit of discomfort when using an improperly designed vacuum.

Cleaning is already a laborious task own its own; don’t make it even more unbearable by using a poorly designed vacuum.

Since ergonomic design is largely about reducing risk and enhancing comfort, you should consider several other factors even as you use an ergonomically designed vacuum:

  • Job rotation – don’t just stick to one task for extended periods.
  • Correct posture – make sure to adopt the right posture when cleaning.
  • Posture change – don’t just stick to one posture for extended periods.
  • Analyze potential hazards when cleaning and avoid or eliminate them.
  • Use the right tools for each job.

Detachable Motorized Brush

If you have a hairy pet, you would be particularly grateful for this detachable motorized brush feature in the Shark Cordless hand vacuum (Pet Perfect version). It would be useful for deep cleaning to remove all the notorious pet hair, which would be quite a difficult task using normal brush rolls.

From this evaluation, you can tell that even a seemingly unnecessary feature would be immensely valuable when you realize what it can do. Even if the manufacturer might have intended to use it just to make a product stand out from the crowd.

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