What’s So Great About Shark Navigator Vacuums?

What is so good about Shark Navigator vacuum cleaners? Turns out there’s quite a lot, as I recently came to learn. Shark vacuum cleaners are not only innovative, they are also designed to be as versatile as possible to allow multi-surface cleaning. As you will see, there are several reasons why many people love this vacuum cleaner.

To understand why Shark all the rage, you need to look at the following aspects:

  • Performance
  • Specifications
  • Affordability


The performance of any vacuum cleaner is largely the product of the suction technology used. This is what makes the Shark Navigator quite an impressive option. the ‘Never Loses Suction’ Technology makes for remarkable cleaning. In addition, some of the models under this brand feature 2-in-1 technology that sucks dirt and lifts it away for effective cleaning.

The other amazing advantage of using a Shark cleaner is the design used. This series of models boast a swivel steering design that is easy to maneuver and clean far corners. In addition, such a vacuum cleaner is easy to work with for aged people, while delivering great cleaning results.


The average weight is approximately 25 lbs. This lightweight design makes it easy to haul the cleaner across different rooms, and even down the stairs when cleaning. If you love to clean large areas at one go, you will love the long stretchy hose and detachable canister, which is designed for easy cleaning.

Other specifications include a power brush exclusively designed for pet hair removal, a crevice tool to clean corners, and a dusting tool. When shopping for this particular model from Shark, look out for the microfiber pads that help to trap dirt and debris. Add to this the accessory bag provided with every purchase, and you realize why I’d recommend this appliance any day.


The performance is in a class of its own, but perhaps the most amazing thing about this appliance is its affordability. Shark products offer the perfect balance between functionality and cost. This is your go-to product when you want an effective vacuum cleaner but would not like to splurge on the purchase.

This model is less costly than high-end vacuum cleaners, yet it does a commendable job in ensuring that your living space is well-maintained. In fact, you may be so impressed by this vacuum cleaner, that you will wonder what took you so long to make that decision.


It only takes one trial to figure out why this vacuum line is so great. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to clean your house without breaking the bank, or would simply like to make a sound investment in your choice of cleaning appliances, make your way to the closest store and ask for a Shark Navigator model.

The models come in different versions, each with its own highlighted strengths. The bottom line, however, is the fact that the quality and functionality of all the Shark’s models can be vouched for. Isn’t it time you discovered this for yourself?

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