Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Review

Cleaning Stair Carpet With Shark NavigatorBefore Hoover marketed their vacuum cleaners, our ancestors had to beat carpets to death just to clean it.

I lived in Asia for a few years, where a vacuum was a luxury for some households, and so I understand what our pre-vacuum homeowners went through.

Believe it or not, I used a coconut husk to shine our hardwood floor. While I burned a lot of calories every time I did this, I also had to take plenty of Ibuprofen to get through the night.

When I finally relocated back to mainland, I made sure that I had the best vacuum to keep my house clean. One of my favorites was the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E).

Product Overview

Weighing in at 14 pounds (or about 6.3 kilos), it is considered a lightweight in the vacuum cleaner division. It boasts a 30-foot cord long, 10 amp motor, HEPA filtration, and a detachable canister. It also comes with several brushes that can be used on various surfaces.


Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional UprightThis vacuum is highly maneuverable and lighter than most. My house has many hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, which, until now, I had to clean manually with a duster and rag.

I had to switch my vacuum cleaner on and off, and bend down to reach these places. With Shark, I breeze through the rooms in a few minutes. Even my hardwood stairs are easy to clean.

The best thing about it is that it leaves my floors shiny! The suction power makes short work of dust and dirt. My carpets always look new after a single round with this Shark Navigator.

I am not sure whether its claim that it can clean 99.9{13d535ddeae1a90f42b9ff1586906b2be87669b7e44aacb62d19711cfd014a97} of allegens and dust is true, but my asthmatic son stopped having attacks after I started using it.

He is allergic to pet hair and dust mites, and so I have been looking for a vacuum cleaner that can zap these allergens. This cleaner did the trick for me.


While this is one of my favorite vacuum cleaners, this is far from perfect. Our Lhasa Apso left a lot of pet hair which I had to cut off from the roller at more than one instance. It can be really irritating to clean the roller. Also, I don’t think a homemaker designed this thing because it has a tendency to tip over. I also had issues with the crevice tool as I found it a bit too slanted. On the other hand, the crevice tool made it easy to clean between cushions.


There is no such thing as a single “best” vacuum for everyone. Like a cellphone, you have to consider your needs as well as the features of the machine in order to determine which one you should buy.

My son’s health is very important to me, and since this was the one vacuum cleaner that helped his allergies a lot, I keep it around and use it whenever he’s home for vacation. If this is an issue with you, then I highly recommend checking it out at Amazon and reading some of the reviews before buying.

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  1. I bought the navigator duo clean in June of 2018.Although I am pleased with its performance of using it for 10 minutes everyday the hose broke on the power head and could not be replaced. Its a design flaw that the manufacturer has not upgraded. At a cost of $110.00 to replace the power head I plan on replacing it again in a year and a half! The Dyson I previously owned was fully guaranteed for 5 years where the Shark only had a 1 year guarantee. I’m sure that anyone that buys this product will have the same problem!

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