Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 Review

After having used several Dyson upright vacuums, I have eventually decided to switch over to a unit that is much easier to maneuver, and can clean hardwood floors just as well as it cleans rugs and carpets. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352) was a solid purchase due to its lightweight design, swiveling head, and impressive suction power.

If you are looking for an upright vacuum that can properly remove animal hair and particles of dirt stuck in the fibers of your carpets, rugs, or upholstery, you will definitely want to give this Shark vacuum a chance.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 Upright VacuumFeatures and Specifications

  • Lightweight, portable canister.
  • Swivel steering for easier maneuvering.
  • Capacitive bagless dust can.
  • Never loses suction technology
  • Anti-allergen HEPA seal
  • Lengthy cord of 25 feet
  • Powerful motor of 1200 watts
  • Included pet hair power brush makes vacuuming pet hair much simpler


After using the Shark Navigator for the first time, I personally noticed a huge improvement in how my carpets looked.

The ‘never loses suction’ technology is extremely powerful, allowing you to easily transition from bare hardwood floors to area rugs and upholstery, ensuring you of optimal floor contact and consistent suction the entire time.

From the first few moments to the very last ones, your vacuum will never lose suction power, meaning that its performance will never have to suffer.

Shark Navigator Swivel HeadThis Shark unit offers swivel steering that makes maneuvering it a lot simpler, enabling you to successfully clean those spots that are difficult to reach.

You can interchange the crevice tools depending on the size of the crevices, and you can easily convert the unit from an upright vacuum to a canister for those areas that require more attention.

There is also a pet hair power brush that ships with the NV352, which works spectacularly for carpets, rugs or upholstery with pet hair stuck right into the fibers.

My tomcat’s hair is particularly fine, and removing them with a Dyson vacuum was rather pointless, as the vacuum could not handle this challenge. I did not have to insist vacuuming those spots with pet hair when using the Shark NV352, which cut the cleaning time in half.

At only 12.5 pounds, this Shark vacuum was not very bulky, which made it easy to move around, up and down stairs.

The dust can is bagless, and can accommodate quite a lot of dirt, so you will not have to worry about buying and replacing the bags too frequently. To empty it, all you have to do is hold it above the trash can, and press the button that will open up the lid.

The HEPA filters were also good at sealing the dirt and dust inside the canister, as I did not face issues at all from emptying.


As for the cons of the Shark Navigator, there are a few aspects I should probably insist on. First of all, there is a good chance that your vacuum will fall down and spill the contents of the dust can over since the support is not the best. The same will happen if you position the vacuum so that it leans against the wall – the dust can might spill over.

You will have to keep switching between canister and upright modes to prevent making a mess.

When used for longer than 20 minutes at a time, the vacuum gets very hot, which might result in damage if left alone like this for too long.


Despite a couple of flaws, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away remains a reliable and solid unit that will allow you to keep your floors and carpets very clean.

It was a great help for my cleaning routine, as I do not have to vacuum my home every two days anymore.

Since it’s so effective at absorbing all the dirt (even the stubborn ones), most surfaces stay clean for longer than three days, sometimes even four, and I really like how easy to maneuver it is. At such an affordable price from, you really can’t go wrong with this superb cleaning tool.

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  1. The power cord for this vacuum comes out of the right side of the appliance. That means that if you want to guide the cord Without tripping over it or running over it you have to vacuum with your left hand. Since only about 9% of the world population is left handed that doesn’t seem to make much sense. I find this vacuum incredibly difficult to use for anything but a small area.

  2. I feel this heavy vacuum was designed by a man and made to be used by a strong man- not a 100 pound woman. It hurt my shoulder to try to maneuver it- and was difficult to steer in the direction I wanted it to go. It does have good suction- but the extremely heavy handle- made me tired and wishing I was finished. Not a machine I would want to use daily. Luckily I only have to use it at our church occasionally. My easy to handle lightweight Oreck has me spoiled.

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