Buying a Shark Handheld Vacuum: 2 Issues to Consider

The Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780 is a really powerful 18-volt Shark handheld vacuum, possessing such great features as a detachable and washable filter, detachable motorized brush, wall-mountable charging stand and crevice tools.

So, why would anyone pick anything offering much less value compared to this valuable appliance?

Well, if you aren’t careful, two things can keep you from buying this great hand vac:

1. Resistance to Change

An interesting scientific study revealed that habitual eaters would not cut down on their consumption when they were given stale popcorn and even they disliked the stale popcorn. This was unlike non-habitual eaters who would instantly cut down on their consumption when given stale popcorn. What this shows is that, however much you may try to reason out your case, you just might be stuck buying and using less effective vacuums – while resisting any change – merely out of habit.

Here are three habits you need to reconsider:

i) Buying Habits That Persist Despite Your Needs

You might not want to change the type of vacuum you normally buy and use. Perhaps you’ve always used the conventional vacuum and have never thought of owning a handheld variety. Yet, you’ve recently remodeled your house and added several pieces of furniture that simply cannot do without a handheld vacuum.

To break free of this habit, you need to consider just how much more convenient and time saving it would be to complement your conventional vacuum with a highly portable handheld one.

ii) You’ve Always Used Another Brand and Don’t Know any Better

Just because the brand you tried out produces great canister vacuums, doesn’t necessarily mean that it would also produce equally great handheld vacuums. It’s about time you tried out the Shark which has a more powerful suction power than several other brands.

If your confidence in a new brand depends on the customer service, you can check out customer reviews on shark products, which give quite a positive picture of the company’s prompt attendance to customer complaints.

iii) You Don’t Want to Change Some Aspects of Furnishing in Your House

It doesn’t make sense to settle for a less effective vacuum, just because you can’t change a few pieces of furniture to accommodate a much more effective vacuum. Surely, you would rather live in a clean and healthy environment, than a place that’s hard to clean and often ends up inadequately cleaned due to use of improper equipment.

2. Decision Paralysis

Admittedly, Shark offers a wide range of features, which might give you a hard time figuring out exactly what it would do for you; and that’s apart from analyzing countless other options.

Well, here’s a straight-to-the-point explanation of what the vacuum’s interesting features will do for you:

  • Detachable and washable filter – You save money, instead of spending on buying new filters.
  • Detachable motorized brush – Enhances the cleaning ability of your vacuum.
  • Crevice tools – Help you get to those hard-to-reach crevices.
  • Wall-mountable charging stand – A super convenient place to store your vacuum when not in use, as it charges up.

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you’re missing until you try it out. Also, don’t just believe someone else’s perception, they might have a completely different experience from yours and they might also not make similar considerations as you do.

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