Selecting the Best Cordless Vacuum: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever heard of a house being built roof first and foundation last?

Cordless VacuumMost probably never.

Unfortunately, that’s the kind of confusion likely to occur if you don’t follow the right step-by-step process when selecting the best cordless vacuum for your home.

Here’s the 4-step systematic process you should follow:

1. If You Don’t Know You Cleaning Needs, You Won’t Know What to Buy

There may be certain hard-to-see cleaning needs that you simply haven’t identified in your home. When you identify them, you could actually find that a vacuum which reviewers rank last would do a better job than any top-ranked product; and it might also be cheaper.

You might need to keep a diary of what actually happens in your house, and even analyze every bit of space in your house, in order to figure out the best product that can work for you:- If you have a large room, you would buy a cordless vacuum as a backup to your normal vacuum. If not, you would rather buy a whole bunch of them; otherwise, you’ll waste much more time waiting for the battery to charge in-between run-times.- What are the sources of dirt, how often does the dirt accumulate, where does it accumulate and what type is it?- Is the interior design of your house conducive for vacuum use and would the vacuum work well on the furnishing you have?

2. The Value of a Product’s Features is Based on Your Cleaning Needs

Regardless of what the most professional reviewers might say, you alone have the ultimate say on which product feature is or isn’t important. To do this, you should categorize your specific cleaning needs from the most to least critical, which you would then use as a basis of ranking product features that fulfill such needs.

If you have a particularly small room, you might not need the Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX since batter run-time shouldn’t be too much of a concern for you, unlike someone who has a large space. You might instead go for a Shark Cordless Pet Perfect which possesses greater suction power, if the kind of dirt you have to deal with is much tougher to vacuum, despite the fact that some reviews rank this product lower than the Hoover LiNX.

3. User Experience Makes a Good Product Better But Does Nothing for a Poor Product

Only after narrowing down to a few good products can you now evaluate such things as ergonomics, style and other aspects that improve user experience. If you made such a consideration earlier, you would have ended up with a bunch of useless, yet beautifully designed cordless vacuums.

Do you want a vacuum that shows you how much run time is left, like the Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX; or a super light-weight option, like the Dyson DC59 Motorhead? Maybe you just like the color pink, not gray.

4. Is Customer Support Overrated?

The harsh reality is this: all the customer support you might receive from a manufacturer can never rectify a product that isn’t suited to your needs, doesn’t have the best features and can’t be used properly. On the other hand, you really won’t need much or any customer support if the product you buy is easy to use and does exactly what you need it to without much effort.

If you’re so obsessed with customer support, just consider the era when the internet or even the telephone weren’t invented, pre-1870. At that time, buyers would have had little regard for customer support since any customer service they could expect would take many days and even weeks. They would rather get the product right from the very start.

This systematic process will help you avoid impulse buying, based on some fancy new feature. Moreover, just because reviewers say a particular vacuum is best of all doesn’t mean it would be best for you.

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