The Pros and Cons of a Roomba Robot Vacuum

Do the capabilities of the robotic vacuum cleaners in the market ever fascinate you?

A little investment in Roomba robot vacuum can save you the effort and time you spend cleaning the house, help achieve cleaner surfaces and minimize your exposure to allergens.

Equipped with self-navigating, self-cleaning and self-charging features, you will need to carry out minimal maintenance on your Roomba cleaner.


Automatic Navigation

Unlike the conventional cleaners, a Roomba cleaner moves itself around the room picking up all the dirt. Once you power it, two electric motors move the sensor-guided machine to areas where dirt is to be picked. Roomba wheels are set to turn in all directions even opposite to each other, meaning the machine can spin and clean any area. The robotic machine is small enough to fit even in constricted areas.

Time Saving

A robot vacuum cleaner can save a lot of time since you can program it to do the cleaning in your absence. The machine is in-built with a scheduling panel through which you can preset it for up to seven times a week. Additionally, you can set the Roomba for spot cleaning, quick cleaning or scheduled cleaning. You do not have to worry about monitoring its activities since self-adjusting sensors lead it under all furniture while picking the dirt.

Random Movement

For effective cleaning, the developers design Roomba cleaners to follow several modes of movement. In the random bounce mode, the cleaner moves randomly cleaning the surface until it hits an obstacle, from which it changes direction randomly. The cleaner may also move lineally along walls while its side mounted brushes sweep the corners. A piezoelectric sensor mounted on cleaners detect areas with high dirt concentration so it knows where it should spend more time.

HEPA Filters

Latest Roomba cleaner models have double HEPA filters that help to pick up all allergens including dust, filings and pet fur.


  • They are noisy – you may not be comfortable with the noise generated during normal operation, just like with any other robotic vacuum cleaner. You can avoid the noise by scheduling it to vacuum while you are away.
  • They cannot maneuver around all obstacles – although it can find its way around furniture, you may come home to find it stuck in odd spaces with its battery dry. Before you can fully trust its capability, take time to monitor which spaces through which it can navigate.
  • They operates on level floors – you will have to perform the traditional cleaning parts such as stairs since it can neither descent nor climb elevated surfaces. Their operation is limited to a 35 degree slope, so it won’t even remove stains from the sofa.
  • They require routine maintenance – you still need to clean the machine routinely after three or four uses. Change the bin when the indicator signals it is full, empty the machine of any debris and rinse its air filters.


The Roomba robot vacuum is an excellent piece of innovation whose features are not all that common in the marketplace.

Their automated mechanisms, programmable modules and three stage cleaning capability set them apart from their rivals. With only a little maintenance required, a Roomba cleaner is the solution for your vacuuming needs.

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