Simple Tips For Removing Organic Stains From Carpet

One of the last things you want to see when you wake up in the morning is that your cat puked on the carpet sometime during the night. …But if it’s happened to me, it’s happened to others. Cats puke. Like it says on a cute bib I once saw, “spit happens.”

An important part of starting your day is getting in gear for taking care of business, just like an important part of having carpeted floors is keeping them clean. Here are some of the most basic tips for doing just that:

  • Vacuum often – Invest in a good, quality vacuum for your home, and use it! This means more often than once a week. At least twice a week is necessary for extending your carpet’s life, and keeping it looking fabulous. Remember, your floors, just like your feet, are at work practically 24 hours a day. Give them the attention they deserve!
  • Perform spot treatments – Give special attention to special areas. This means that corner where the cat likes to roll around and rub her fur (for some reason), doorways/entrance-ways where extra foot traffic has caused extra wear, and any other spot where extra debris (hair, crumbs) has likely fallen. Giving special attention to these areas will involve investing in a dust buster. A quick once-over, two or three times a day, can make a world of difference in keeping the beauty of your carpet static throughout your home (no pun intended).
  • Organic Red Wine Carpet StainTreat spills immediately – Don’t give it time to set; getting the gunk off your carpet right away is critical to removing any trace of it. Let it set, and you might have a stain on your hands. Now, in the case of the cat that pukes in the middle of the night, of course, getting to it as soon as you wake up is simply the best that you can do. Don’t fret just yet: there’s still some damage control protocol to follow.

Best Carpet Cleaners

Growing up, my mom had this bottle of Rosenthal’s carpet cleaner in the linen closet that seriously looked like she had bought it in the 50’s. Years later, it remains the most amazing cleaning product I have ever known. On the one-time advice of my mom, I would use it whenever any childhood accident caused my heart to drop along with the spill on the carpet… and she was none the wiser. Rosenthal’s… there’s a reason it’s still around today. Any and every home with carpet needs a bottle.

And, after all the avid vacuuming and diligent spot treatments… the battle isn’t over. An all-out steam cleaning of your carpet is still necessary at least once every six months. Think of it as like, putting on a deep-conditioning hair mask. It’s your carpet’s day at the spa.

Many grocery stores have a steam cleaner or two available for rental, for a modest fee. The cleaning product is a minimal extra expense, and you will notice that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Follow these instructions, and your carpets will last a lifetime!

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