How to Remove Floor Tile Adhesive From Concrete Floors

It wont be exaggerating if we say that removing floor tile adhesive from a concrete floor is a sticky ordeal for most DIYers. You will struggle to get the adhesive off, because concrete is a harsh surface. The mastic will get rock hard if left for some time and will require patience and determination on your part to remove it. If you’re struggling with this issue, the following tips will come in handy.

Water The Surface

If you intend to place new tiles over the floor, you need a shiny and clean surface to place the new tiles on. The first course of action would be to mop the floor thoroughly to soften the tile adhesive without harming the floor. You can use a scraper to scrape the glue off once it’s softened.

Use Chemical Adhesive Remover

Some adhesive will stick to the concrete even after mopping. You can further soften these sections with a non-smelling chemical adhesive remover. Follow the instructions on the bottle and allow the adhesive to soften. Another round of mopping should remove the remaining glue.

Graze With a Sharp Blade

A razor-like tool with a sharp blade can be used to further clean the surface. A round of grazing can rid the concrete floor of any residual adhesive that escaped the scrapper and the mop.

Sand Over and Apply Finishing Touches

Contractors recommend homeowners to consider sanding a bit first to leave it completely free from any residue. Sand the entire floor and wash it off to prepare for further renovation work or to leave it as it is. It’s a necessary action before installing new flooring on your concrete surface. While some new types of flooring can be installed over the glue, a clean concrete surface provides the best results.

Additional Tips

You can make the arduous task of removing the glue residue easier for yourself by following these tips.

Many homeowners report to have found household products that do a fantastic job at removing adhesive from concrete without the use of any harsh chemicals. Some lubricant material has proven useful in this regard.

Some concrete floors might have the cutback mastic adhesive to plant the tiles. Asbestos was an ingredient of this type of adhesive. Since it is a hard material, removing it from concrete base might be dangerous for the surface. If this is the case, consulting with a flooring expert should be done to prevent any accidental damage to the floor.

It’s also prudent to wear protective gear like goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands during the removal process. Some chemicals have toxic fumes which can cause breathing disorders in some people. That’s why the room should be kept well-ventilated during the adhesive removal process to prevent any accidents.

Hopefully these tips will help you to successfully deal with a sticky concrete floor without much trouble.

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