Benefits of Regular Vacuuming: Reasons to Start Doing it

Vacuuming Carpet

I don’t know a soul on earth who finds great enjoyment in vacuuming. Dragging around an awkward piece of equipment, sending the household pets running, and emptying the dirt-filled canister or bag.

This is all part of a semi-regular vacuuming routine that the majority of us wouldn’t mind to do without.

The fact is that we don’t vacuum for our entertainment, but we do it for the cleanliness of our homes.

Why Should I Vacuum?

There are at least three major benefits to regularly vacuuming your carpets:

  1. Home hygiene – A few quick sweeps with the vacuum can get rid of dust and allergens before they have a chance to build up in your home. It’s also good for getting rid of unwanted and unwelcome “gunk” that gets itself into the carpets, resulting in an overall cleaner home and environment.
  2. Prolong your carpet’s life – Regular upkeep will help your carpets look newer for longer while also getting rid of the various dirt particles responsible for grinding into your carpet fibers.
  3. Improve your family’s health – While you can’t always tell from looking at your carpets, there are all sorts of things that can cause health issues to you without being noticed. If you live in an area with higher humidity, your carpets have a large risk of developing mold if not properly maintained. Otherwise, all carpets act like giant filters and trap dust mites and dirt particles of all kinds, which can cause issues for those with allergies or asthma.

How Often Should I Vacuum?

There is good news and bad news about how many times per week it is recommended that you break out the vacuum cleaner.

The bad news is that if you have pets, high amounts of dirt tracked in, or just a busier household than you should be vacuuming as often as twice a week, and with a vacuum cleaner designed for this purpose. Otherwise, if none of those three conditions exist you should still vacuum at least once per week.

The good news is that this applies mostly to the high traffic areas of the house. Consider hallways, entrance ways, living rooms, and wherever else your family spends most of their time as the high traffic areas. Storage rooms and fancy guest parlors don’t need vacuuming as often, and can go even two weeks between cleanings.

While a lot of us like to think we can see when our carpets need vacuuming and when they don’t, the plain truth is that if it looks like it needs to be vacuumed, it is actually filthy (it needed to be vacuumed a long time ago).

Most dirt particles won’t stay on top of the carpet fibers, but will fall down to the bottom where they are not as visible. By the time you can see them, it means there is a buildup of dirt which will have started to cause damage and stains already.

Won’t Vacuuming Often Hurt My Carpets?

Unlike with vacuums for hardwood floor surfaces, it makes sense to think that the high suction of the vacuum cleaner could cause damage to your carpet by pulling on the fibers too hard, and that frequent vacuuming would only worsen the issue. The truth is that most carpets have been designed to keep this from happening, and will actually benefit from being cleaned more often.

Dirt that collects can be ground into the carpet when stepped on, causing it to become damaged over time.

Additionally, if it is not cleaned well enough this dirt can get into the pads beneath the carpets and cause stains or funky smells to develop.

Do it For Your Health

The bottom line is that vacuuming regularly is good for your family’s health.

It is not good for our bodies to be exposed to a buildup of all the junk we track into the house.

This applies especially to those who have any allergies, asthma, or are prone to sickness. Your carpets could be the culprits that cause you more harm than good, a problem solved by regularly cleaning them.

Pulling around the vacuum and moving all the furniture may also help you shed a few of those extra pounds, but this is just an added plus!

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  1. I like how you said that cleaning the carpet can help keep you and your family healthier. I’ve been looking for ways to decrease my asthma symptoms and hopefully this should help. My family also should appreciate the cleaner floors to walk on.

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