Do You Really Need a Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner?

Tired of tripping over your vacuum cleaner cords? Are you fed up of plugging and unplugging your vacuum as you move around cleaning? If yes, it’s time you switched to a cordless rechargeable vacuum!

Benefits of Going Cordless

  • You don’t need to look for power outlets everywhere you go. A rechargeable cleaner is usually equipped with batteries that can sometimes even last for up to half an hour, which is sufficient for most cleaning tasks. Besides, who wants to clean around for more than an hour at a stretch?
  • They are lightweight, small in size, ergonomic, and can be disassembled for easy storage.
  • Most rechargeable machines are bagless. You only have to empty the dirt collecting device after you’re done vacuuming around.
  • Battery charging times have significantly improved since the advent of the lithium batteries – you can recharge your vacuum to full power in just 15 minutes or less!
  • Most cordless vacuums come with various add-ons: you can ask for HEPA filters (eliminate allergens, contaminants, and other pollutants from the air), light indicators to keep you updated about the battery consumption, and various brushes and suction tools to clean a variety of surfaces.

Types of Rechargeable Vacuums

There are three main types: cordless stick, cordless handheld, cordless combination (2-in-1) vacuums. While the stick functions like an “electric broom” and cleans up floors, good handheld vacuums can effectively be used to clean even couches, inaccessible crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas. A combination machine has dual functionality working both like a stick and handheld whenever needed.

Read on as we jot down a quick summary of each type:

1. Cordless Stick Vacuums

They are lightweight, strong, powerful cleaners with a long handle so you don’t strain your back while vacuuming the floor. The drawback with sticks is that they are expensive and cannot be used to clean cars, nooks, corners and crevices. Sticks come with power levels from 6 V to 22.5 V, comparable to most corded upright models.

The Hoover Unplugged comes with an hour of run-time and allows for easy emptying. The Dyson DC-59 is sleek, lightweight, comes with 15-17 minutes of run-time but has a powerful suction that ensures a great cleaning job!

2. Cordless Handheld Vacuums

Cordless handheld vacuums are small, slightly bulkier than sticks, and with comparatively lower suction power. However, since they are compact and portable, they can be effectively used to clean car interiors and small nooks and corners. They are equipped with a smaller collector with low capacity to hold dirt and dust.

The Flexi Vac is a fine Black and Decker handheld model with a hose pipe of generous length allowing you to reach almost anywhere inside your car, the ceiling, draperies…well, you get the drift! You get about 10-12 minutes of cleaning time, which is great value for the money you pay!

3. Cordless Combination 2-in-1 Vacuums

Combination vacuums offer you the best of both worlds. The only concern is that they come with subpar suction power when compared to stick models and have smaller dust collectors. All said and done, for the price, 2-in-1s are a good bargain.

Our favorite model has to be the Murphy Richards SuperVac 2-in-1, which comes with brushes for dusting, mopping, and upholstery cleaning, allowing you 20 minutes of run-time. Moreover, you get easy storage thanks to its collapsible handle.

Battery Considerations

There are two battery types to choose from: NiCad and Li-Ion batteries. NiCad batteries are cheaper to use but require a lot of charging time (up to seven times more) and give you comparatively lesser run-time (less than three times as much) than Li-Ion batteries. Hence, we recommend getting a Li-Ion battery enabled model, which may be pricey but is cost effective for you in terms of power bills in the long run.

We hope we’ve given you enough material to think about. Once you know the vacuum model you’re interested in, reach out to us and we’ll elaborate with even more detail to help you make the right choice, given your cleaning requirements. Comment below about any other questions you have and we promise to get to it soon!

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