Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Floors During The Holidays

Holiday Bells

There is no doubt that this holiday season shall reconnect you with your esteemed relatives, friends, and guests. Here is the moment to showcase your unique culinary skills and deploy the full range of your creativity to style up your house.

The only headache that you must contend with is how to protect your floors from the aftermath of the parties. Here are 10 crucial tips:

1. Invest in a High Capacity Shoe Rack

The shoe rack that you keep at home may not be sufficient for the throng of guests who shall shoe up throughout the season.

You can check from your nearest furniture store for a high capacity shoe rack that can hold several pairs of shoes. This will help protect your laminate or hardwood floor from the scruff marks that are usually caused by sharp soles.

2. Use Vinegar to Remove Coffee Stains

One of the downsides of the good holiday times is that you have to incur some coffee stains on your lovely carpet or floor.

The best way to deal with stains is to remove them as soon as they occur. Try using a mixture of liquid dish soap and vinegar to blot out the stains from the carpet. This trick works better if you use warm water.

3. Protect your Floor with Rugs and Mats

Floor Mat on Path to The WashroomIf you do not intend to bother your guests by asking them to leave their shoes on the shoe rack, you should consider covering the busiest spots of the floor with rugs or mats to protect them against scuff marks, dust, and dirt.

The doorway, kitchen area, an the path to the washroom are some of the places that you should spread the rugs and mats.

4. Find a High Quality Door Mat

A good doormat that is unique designed to deal with dirt can help keep your floor in perfect condition with remarkable ease.

The doormat should be tough enough to scrub off mud and dirt from the shoes of your guests with remarkable ease.

You can check on the online stores for the best doormats on the market.

5. Secure a Place for Prams

Some of your guests are sure to show up with their young ones. That is why you should find a place for their prams so that they do not have to leave any wheel marks on your elegant floor.

Prams often leave marks on hardwood and can also ruin your carpet. Besides, finding a secure place for them can help create order in the house.

6. Use Furniture Pads to Prevent Marks

Obviously, dragging furniture along your floor will leave marks and scratches that might compromise the aesthetics. That is why you should buy some furniture pads to shield it against the scratching effect of the furniture legs.

Apart from using the pads, try to lift the furniture instead of dragging them along.

7. Schedule Regular Vacuuming

In this festive season, you should consider vacuuming your floor more times than you are used to. A heavy traffic of guests means that your floor with suffer more dust and debris.

Some of your guests may tag along their pets to add to the population of pets in your house.

You need a vacuum with powerful suction that can extract pet hair from all the nooks and crannies.

8. Polish Your Floor to Make it Stronger

Apart from making your hardwood or ceramic floor sparkle, polishing helps to enhance its resistance against water, stains, an other substances.

You should polish your floor a few days before the guests show up so that it is sufficiently dry by the time they arrive. A polished floor retains its glamour despite the partying pressure.

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9. Keep Your Floor Dry All The Time

Most types of floors lose their shine and elegance whenever they are left wet for a long time. After mopping, you should find a dry mop to remove all the wetness.

Remember that you need to mop more often during this holiday season to maintain the freshness of your house.

10. Cover Your Floor With a Thick Carpet

One way of protecting your floor from the pressure of the holiday parties is to find a strong carpet to cover its surface. This is particularly crucial if the partying entails some dancing.

You can find a holiday-themed carpet with bold aesthetics in order to fit in with the mellow mood and roll with the times.


Great holiday moments are spent with friends, guests, and relatives.

It is crucial to find the right strategies to protect your floor from the intensity of partying, which is sure to happen as the good times roll. Polishing and vacuuming are some of the recommended ways to accomplish this.

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