Top Reasons Why Professional Floor Cleaning is so Important

Professionally Cleaned Hallway Carpet

Almost all of us have experienced a significant difference between the state of flooring at home and outside, including our workplaces.

I think most of us would agree that on average, floors at workplaces and commercial establishments look better.

The Big Difference

Clearly, the main difference is the fact that professional cleaners (including janitorial staff) are at work in such places.

Even with regular cleaning, floors usually do not look and feel professionally cleaned.

Ever wonder why?

Well, one of the main reasons is equipment and training. Most of us do the best we can when we clean, but then most of us have not had any training nor have access to specialized equipment.

Over time, floors, regardless of whether it is carpeted or not, wear out and start to look dull. What’s even worse is that they get worn out unevenly. Rarely used spots such as corners and edges look shiny and new, but the rest look worn out and dull.

The big advantage of hard surface flooring is its longevity, and this can take a hit if some spots are heavily worn out and not restored.

Carpets do need replacement every few years, but during that time, they can take quite a wild ride (and take you along!) if not cleaned effectively. Carpeting is especially susceptible to accumulation of allergens, stains and moisture, which will affect looks and longevity of the flooring along with adverse effects on our health as well.

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional cleaner to take care of your floor has some major advantages:

  • Professionals (provided they are for real, of course), have in depth knowledge about cleaning different surfaces and type of chemicals to use (or not use).
  • Newer cleaning products and technologies are being developed constantly, and professionals will know more about this as part of their work than we can find out on our own.
  • They have equipment that we cannot access routinely, which tend to be more powerful and effective than ‘home’ cleaning equipment.
  • Your life can become less stressful when you don’t have to do much except hire a good service and pay them. You can ask for specific requirements and expect value for money.
  • Your floor will look and feel great, and probably last a lot longer. You also reduce your exposure to hidden allergens and other health risks from poorly maintained flooring.
  • If you run a business, professional floor cleaning adds a higher level of performance to your work. People tend to be happier, healthier and more productive in a clean environment.
  • You can learn things and pick up tips from the professionals – things you may normally not know about.

Some of the perceived problems with professional cleaning is cost, security and privacy, which can be addressed in a systematic fashion by weighing them against the benefits, and your needs.

As with any other transaction, building a relationship with a cleaner will help with cost and value in the long run.

Subscribing for a cleaning service together with friends or colleagues (‘pooling’) can also help with bringing down costs. Paying a bit more attention and taking time for some monitoring will help address the security and privacy issues.

  1. I like how you mentioned that professional cleaners would always be updated with the latest cleaning products which they will be able to use to give quality service that you can’t do yourself. That would be great for people that are obsessed with cleanliness for they would surely be able to have a peace of mind due to the thorough service that the cleaners should provide with their equipment and all. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hire some once we return from our vacation since a home uncleaned for three months would be quite troublesome to clean. Thanks!

  2. My sister’s family is coming to stay with me this summer and I am thinking of getting my floor polished and cleaned before they come. I appreciate that you say hiring a professional is a great idea because they will use the best cleaning products and technologies. This could save me money in the long-run because I won’t have to purchase cleaning products and equipment.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that professional cleaners have the right knowledge to use the right chemicals. With that in mind, I have been convinced to hire experts to ensure that our floor will not be damaged due to those chemicals. We just need to have the grout of our kitchen to be cleaned properly since we will be hosting a birthday party in our house, and the kitchen tiles are kind of filthy at the moment.

  4. I agree professional floor cleaning services play an important role in house cleaning. Without damaging your property they will clean your house so well. Selecting right vacuum cleaner is also important.

  5. Thanks for sharing this informtion with us. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.

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