Choosing The Right Professional Cleaning Service For Your Home

BroomsFinding a professional cleaning service that’s right for your home is not a task to be dismissed lightly.

Whether you are an extraordinarily neat person who craves a tidy bedroom floor, or a creative individual who is drawn to the casual chaos of a kitchen well-used, finding someone to clean your home is an important undertaking that requires thought, evaluation and a significant level of comfort with your final decision.

Here are some important tips to consider when choosing a cleaning service for your home:

1) Decide what you would like cleaned, and when

Would you like your entire house cleaned as a matter of routine or just certain rooms? What about windows, floors and bathrooms? Would you like them to do the laundry, ironing, or what about the occasional carpet cleaning?

These are important considerations that will affect the type of service you use as well as the cost. You’ll also want to decide on how often you need the service, for example, once or twice a week, daily or even every other week.

2) Find out what it will cost

Contact local companies and get quotes to provide the services you need. When choosing a list of companies to contact, investigate them online to find out how other users fared with their service. Also consider asking your family and friends who they use.

A personal referral is worth its weight in gold in selecting a company that will be inside your home for a substantial amount of time. If you can’t get personal referrals, consider asking companies to provide references.

3) Make sure your chosen company is insured, ethical and trustworthy

The ideal cleaning service should be insured against accidents or theft while on your property. If not, this becomes your liability and can end up costing more money than you bargained for if someone gets hurt or something valuable goes missing.

You will also need to have a certain level of trust to feel comfortable with virtual strangers in your home on a regular basis. Ask for background checks or legal documentation for those employed as cleaners by the company.

4) Make sure you are happy with the contract 

Read over the contract carefully to make sure its terms match your expectations, for example, how easily can you cancel the service? Also, make sure there are terms that will help you feel more comfortable with the arrangement, such as meeting those who will clean your home and walking them through your house.

5) Find out what cleaning methods are employed

Don’t be afraid to find out what kind of cleaning methods are used by the company and whether the staff have ever been formally trained. The risk of not evaluating this can lead to shrunken clothes coming out of your dryer, bleach spots on your rugs or streaks on your new leather couch.

Finding a professional cleaning firm is not an easy job but once you find a good one, you will appreciate the simplicity, efficiency and order this type of service can bring to your life. Keep the above topics in mind when you select a new company, and above all, don’t be afraid to be discerning and selective to achieve peace of mind.

  1. I agree that when you are looking for a cleaning service you need to determine a price. It would make sense that you would want to establish this expectation before you actually choose them. I’m looking for a cleaning service to help me out so I’ll have to find someone who is a good price to help me out.

  2. I like your tips about how a good cleaning company needs to be properly insured in case of accidents or damages to your house. We have decided to hire cleaning services to help wit our property since we are too busy all the time to maintain it clean. Personally, I would want to read online reviews and ratings before I choose a company since the level of customer satisfaction says a lot about a business.

  3. Thank you for all this great information about choosing a cleaner! I really like your point about making sure the company is trustworthy and if a background check is desired, then do it. I’ve never thought of requesting background checks, but it makes sense and in my search I’ll hopefully find a cleaning service that has that done already.

  4. Since both my husband and I are very busy, we are considering hiring a cleaning service. We want to make sure our home is still a well-organized place and is free of clutter and germs. Like you said, it is important that we ask for background checks or legal documentation for those that will be cleaning our home regularly. Thanks for these tips.

  5. A good friend of mine has been in search of a good quality floor polishing service. She is concerned about getting a top quality service and has been asking for tips and advice. I will let her know to look into the cleaning methods that are used as an indicator of quality.

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