Should You Buy a Portable Vacuum if You Already Have a Full-Sized Cleaner?

Remember back in the 90’s, when the dust-buster was the new hip thing? Well, the novelty may have worn off; the practicality hasn’t. We can think of a million scenarios in which a portable, hand-sized vacuum is simply the best thing ever, and you can too.

Chances are, though, you don’t want to just think of it… because if you have that practical portable vacuum that you need, the job is done before you think twice!

Reasons we love portable vacuums:

  • No cords: The truth shall set you free! Admit it, cleaning the interior of your car is a pain when you’re maneuvering around trying to make sure your vacuum doesn’t come unplugged. You work so carefully and just when you’ve got a good momentum going, you hear that powering-down “WHIRrrr” meaning you’ve pulled a little too far. Go cordless, and you save both time and headache.
  • No wasting energy: Most portable vacuums are significantly smaller in wattage than your standard, indoor, “time to tackle these floors” vacuum. Most will sit on a modest charger until you’re ready to serve their purpose (if you haven’t loaded any batteries), then they’re good to go ’til the job is done! Not only will your energy bill thank you for keepin’ it real, but the environment will too.
  • Two is stronger than one: Think of your home as a law office. Your full-sized cleaner is the star prosecutor against dirt, but he’s nothing without his secretary. Would an office manager do the job of an intern? No… but the small work still has to be done.

What It’s Made For

Old and Heavy Vacuum CleanerYou’re a strong person, and you prove it every time you lug that full-size vacuum out of its storage space… not to mention every time you empty it. But let’s face it, that smaller, portable option makes more sense for when you really need to give the whole house a good shake down. Down the basement steps, or up to the third-floor loft: save yourself the huffing and puffing and use the lighter, portable option.

That being said, we all know there are other members of your family that could benefit from taking that portable vacuum into their room once in awhile. Having the portable option is a great method of teaching your kids to clean up after themselves.

Not only is it easier for them to use, but the hand-held options are something you will most likely find them wanting to use.

Next thing you know, you’ll find yourself checking their rooms first when you can’t find where the dust-buster is!

A Vacuum For Your Home Away-From Home

We already know that the portable is the hands-down option for cleaning your car, because it takes something without a cord to reach the car… and beyond.

Want to invest in a boat one day, or maybe you already have? Spend a little time on board to see another place your portable is desperately needed. And let’s not forget: being as good to your family as you are means that there will be times you need to pitch in at your parent’s or sibling’s. With your trusty portable vacuum by your side, you’ll be armed and ready!

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