Do Shark Pet Vacuums Live Up To Their Name?

Anyone who owns pets looks for ways to keep hair from carpets and furniture. After all, no one wants their guests to look like they’re wearing a fur suit when they get up from their sofa.

Dog Inside Laundry BasketOn your search for a pet vacuum, you may have run across Shark’s line of vacuum cleaners and wondered if they work as well as they say.

As someone who bought a Shark Navigator, I feel qualified to give you an honest opinion.

I have three dogs, and one cat, so animal hair is something that we’re never short on in this house.

What Makes it Great For Pet Owners

  • The power brush attachment is amazing. I have been vacuuming my sofa and chairs for years, and have never had something that works this well. It’s unlike any other upholstery brush that I’ve used.
  • It’s powerful. This might sound strange to some, but I love the sound of a cleaner sucking up dirt from my carpets. This powerful machine gets deep down into the carpet fibers, which makes it perfect for pulling up that stubborn pet hair. The vacuum I had before this always left some hair on the carpet so it never looked clean.
  • It doesn’t lose suction. Pet owners know how quickly most vacuums will lose suction after they have been used for cleaning things like hair. A vacuum that starts out great, can be totally different in a month or so. Not this one. After a year of heavy use, it still picks up as well as it did the first day.


  • Versatility – It comes apart in many different ways. This makes cleaning super easy.
  • The top portion lifts off so you can clean stairs, or ceiling fans.
  • A special hardwood floor attachment is used for cleaning floors. There is a washable pad attached that picks up dust while you are vacuuming the floors.
  • A bendable extender attachment makes cleaning under the bed, dressers and TV stands super easy. After all, hair can get everywhere, not just on the easy to reach surfaces. The attachment is long enough so you don’t have to bend or strain to clean under these items.

Things to be Aware of

  • There are two settings when you turn the unit on. You’ll likely think that once you push the switch you’re ready to go. The power won’t seem very strong and you may feel disappointed. However, if you read the instructions, which I did not, you would find that you have to push it forward again. The first push is for when you’re using it on the floor.
  • Look for the red buttons. Everywhere you see one there is an option to separate parts of the vacuum. Play around with it for a few days to learn all that it can do.

In my opinion Shark vacuums do live up to their name. They work well and have lived up to every promise they’ve made. I can truly say that I no longer let my pet’s hair stress me out. I know that I have a machine that can quickly get rid of it whenever I need it to.

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