Roomba Pet Series Review

Product Description

Roomba boasts a patented three-stage cleaning framework that removes pet hair and dirt, and it’s similarly easy to automatically adjust it to clean things like carpets, tile, hardwood, and linoleum floors in your home.

Roomba delivers an enhanced value—anything you need to maintain it is READILY packed in the box. For instance, the extras you may need include brushes, AeroVac filters, and other cleaning equipment.

What Makes Roomba Different?

Roomba Pet VacuumThere are two key aspects that differentiate the Roomba Pet Series and many other cleaning models. One of the aspects I’ve noted is a larger vacuuming bin that’s included. It helps you in situations where you’ve a huge amount of fur/hair on your pets and carpets.

The second aspect, that I really think is a bonus for you, is the Roomba’s extra set of brushes. These are essentially included to help you clean the dirt, remove the other ones, and swap them. Here are some of the most notable features of Roomba Pet Series.

Three Brushes

All Roomba models utilize three brushes to clean the floors. The first brush protrudes from the front section of the gadget, and does a stunning task in pulling pet hair from your carpet edges. It boasts a rubbery sweeper mechanism that typically spins toward the opposite side of a brush. The pet series can literally suck up any and all the visible debris in your house. It picks up dust with absolute ease; thanks to the strong sucking action.

Navigates in Real World Homes

Roomba pet series encompass a full suite of iAdapt sensors, which help to navigate every section of your home. With these sensors, cleaning around and under the furniture is absolutely easy and hassles-free.

Convenient Scheduling

You won’t expect to find any problem when it comes to scheduling your device. All you need to do is press “clean” or program the device to run on your own desired schedule. It has the capacity to run up to 7x per week.

Impressive Battery Life

In terms of Roomba’s battery life, it can run for over an hour before you recharge it. Apparently, you can easily cover up to three to four rooms before a second recharge is done. And, the most important aspect is that it automatically recharges. Once the battery is drained, it can automatically return to its Home Base—where it gets its recharge.


  • A Dirt Detect function that senses the amount of dirt being hovered. It focuses more on dirty spots in your home.
  • The Home Base helps recharge the device and sends out infrared beams that guide it back when the battery level is low.
  • Executes better cleaning. The device works on carpet, tile, linoleum, and wood so you do not have to worry about having different surfaces to clean.
  • Two included vacuum bins (extra brushes) are easy to swap out.
  • A better scheduling function which allows you to program up to seven cleanings in one week.
  • It’s simple to get the unit out of its box
  • Easy to charge, and you’ll find that vacuuming pet hair is also extremely easy.


  • Does not map your room when cleaning. This implies that if your unit is far from the charging station, pressing its Dock button won’t cause your device to instantly return.
  • It’s easy to empty the bins, but you’ll find that removing long strands of hair from the bearings and cylindrical brushes is quite a task.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, it’s quite easy to say that Roomba Vacuums boast a very impressive cleaning ability. It’s well worth the cost, especially if you do not have enough time to vacuum daily but desire a clean house. It’s absolutely perfect when it comes to sweeping and vacuuming your entire house. Moreover, it’s really REALLY quiet—probably the quietest vacuums I have ever seen!

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