Are BISSELL Pet Vacuums Ideal For Pet Owners?

As a pet owner, I am always actively looking for ways to keep my home clean. It’s an enormous effort and quite honestly, a pain. Thankfully, internet research and word of mouth has lead me to a viable solution; the BISSELL pet vacuum cleaner.

The number of different vacuum models available on their website is actually quite impressive. However, before making a purchase, it’s always advised to take look at what features make them pet-oriented, their effectiveness on cutting down on allergens, and how easy they are to store.

Pet-Related Features

Doggy HairBISSELL advertises their Pet Turbo Eraser as a key tool in lifting dirt and hair from areas of the house like stairs and upholstery.

Customer reviews state that the rotating brush is incredibly effective in removing those stubborn hairs from furniture and cat trees, which can get very dirty over time.

This is especially handy for pets that shed a disproportionate amount of fur. The smaller handheld pet vacuums that have rubber bristles at the end that help to catch embedded hairs.


Pet vacuums designed by BISSELL have a multi-filtration system on many of their models. This sort of filtration promotes a reduction in allergens by catching most of the debris through layers of washable filters. Allergens can be found in:

  • Dander ( Skin flakes of animals)
  • Pollen (Caught in fur and brought into the home)
  • Urine

Also, the washable filters are eco-friendly and can save alot of money over time.

Basic Features

There is a long list of vacuums available from BISSELL to fit every persons need. The important thing here is to pick a model that has features designed for cleaning pet messes, but also does not skimp on important features that all good pet vacuum cleaners should have, like:

  • Great swivel radius
  • Light weight
  • Long cord or no cord
  • Easy storage

BISSELL also carries a large line of handheld vacuums, deep carpet cleaners and spot cleaning systems that are worth looking into.


While you may have lot of dirt and fur in every crevice of your home, not all homes have a lot of free space to spare. It’s a good thing when you know that your vacuum will not function as a mainstay in your living space. Luckily, many of BISSELL’s vacuum models have collapsible handles. It’s not the most ideal solution, but it’s a huge improvement since vacuums are such a large and odd-shaped appliance to store.


There’s still a lot more to consider, like budget and personal preference when it comes to vacuum cleaners, but BISSELL does offer a great selection of pet vacuum cleaners to choose from.

As a pet owner, you probably know how hard it can be to maintain a clean home when you live amongst animals. Dirt, grime, hair and anything else that gets dragged in to your home is a daily occurrence. Features like the Pet Turbo Eraser Tool gives the extra help needed to remove all that unwanted debris and the multi-filtration system can clear your home of allergens. It is by far the most desirable feature in the collection, and the collapsible handles bring a convenience not found in most larger vacuums.

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