Best Vacuum Attachments for Pet Hair


We’re all used to comments like, “Oh…he’s so cute” whenever friends come over and see our pets. I have two dogs and a cat. They were all homeless, hungry creatures that I rescued from the streets.

I know, it’s nice and all but you have no idea how much hair they shed. I mean my wife and I can decide to clean up the whole house, but in less than an hour we’ll start to notice little tufts of hair on the couch and carpet.

Luckily for us, none of us have allergies or anything, but it’s a really tough job cleaning up after them. Before we went for the more modern vacuum attachments, we tried some ‘home remedies’ to clean all the fur.

Home Remedies We Tried

We tried to use dryer sheets for a while but it didn’t give the results we expected. When you rub the dryer sheet on the furry surface, it’s suppose to generate static electricity and pick up the hairs as you rub away. At first, I liked it because it worked, then slowly got bored of it because there was only so much it could do. There was no way you could get all the fur out.

Next, we went to our trusty vacuum cleaner for help. While it was a little helpful on the carpet and floors, there was totally no effect on our furniture. And after a few months, the fur clogged it and ruined the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Attachments to The Rescue

We replaced the vacuum cleaner without much fuss, but we were back to square one; three absolutely adorable pets and a house that was starting to look like a huge fur ball.

We bought special brooms that resembled tiny torture devices, but they just didn’t work. My big break came when I saw a vacuum cleaner ad and they said that it came with several different attachments, including one for pet hair.

Vacuum attachments, as it turns out, are the BMWs of pet hair removal. You only have to find one that fits perfectly on your vacuum cleaner and you’re good to go.

I wanted to make sure that I was buying good quality stuff so I spared no effort in searching for the right product. In the end, I had two of the best Vacuum attachments for pet hair and I had to choose one. I had to take either the Eureka Power Paw or the Furminator Vacuum Attachment.

Why I Chose The Eureka Power Paw

I chose the Eureka Power Paw because in the end, it worked better. First, it fits almost all vacuum cleaner brands perfectly. It has two rows of teeth coupled with rubber strips so as to get rid of fur faster. The brush roll on it is unique and you won’t find it on other attachments. Here are some of the features that make it perfect for cleaning fur.

  • The rows of teeth are made of soft plastic that will not damage your velvet surfaces.
  • It is compatible with most vacuum cleaners.
  • The unique brush roll is very efficient in picking up dust and other materials apart from fur.

With all that said, what works for me might not work for you. We all have unique homes and unique cleaning styles. The best practice is to read reviews from customers who have had similar experiences/homes as you, and try out a couple different attachments until you hit one that works for you. A good alternative to pet hair attachments is buying a vacuum cleaner made just for pet hair removal. Good luck and happy hunting!

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