Orbital Floor Cleaning Machines

When envisioning orbital floor cleaning machines in action, a large industrial walk-behind unit that polishes the tile hallways and floors of immense office buildings usually comes to mind.

However, there are also smaller units designed to be used inside a home to keep its various floors looking sharp and clean. There is so much versatility to these oscillating tools that isn’t immediately obvious. Not only have these machines reduced the chemical usage in floor cleaning and cut down on hours of physical labor, they are also quite useful on a variety of floor surfaces and their finishing needs.

Oreck Orbiter Floor Machine

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Benefits of Orbital Floor Cleaners:

  • Cleans a variety of floors types.
  • Chemical free floor finish removal.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Powerful scrubbing and polishing ability.
  • Less dry time needed.
  • Remarkably better cleaning results.

The Magic of Plain Water

The mechanical multi-directional movement of these orbital machines provide robust cleaning and polishing to floors with very little effort. The effective nature of the oscillating brushes and buffer pads eliminate the need for harsh cleaning or stripping chemicals. Reducing or eliminating chemicals makes the process of cleaning floors safer, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly.

Plain water can be used in the place of chemicals and yet yield similar results. Water in the presence of agitation can provide a vehicle for removing a floor’s finish by suspending the particles within the water. An orbital floor cleaner using just water can remove several coats of finish, but is limited in that it will not entirely remove all the layers of finish. For that requirement, chemicals would have to be applied.

Scrubbing and Cleaning

Floor surfaces can often accumulate tough muck and scuffs that requires intense scrubbing to remove. Moreover, concrete and tiles can have grout lines and miniscule divots that naturally trap dirt and can be a labor intensive endeavor to clean. Oscillating brushes and pads can quickly lift dirt out of those crevices and thereby eliminate the need for manual scrubbing.

Screening and Buffing

Screening or buffing a hardwood causes a slight scuffing of the floor, allowing a new coat of polyurethane to be applied. This slight abrasion is a necessary step in which the buffer attachment provides a lightly etched surface for the polyurethane to properly adhere. This re-coating layer of polyurethane after a screening can remarkably refresh wood floors and give them that new floor sheen.

Polishing Till it Glows

Using a polishing pad can bring up a shine on tile, stone, and wood that is difficult to get by hand. Just lightly spray the floor with water or a mixture of vinegar and water, and then shine away. To get the floors looking extra sharp you can go over with a sheepskin bonnet which will leave behind an amazing glow to the floors.

Carpets Cleaned The Orbital Way

When used on carpets, orbital machines primarily are excellent at scrubbing the surface carpet fibers. The oscillating brushes are particularly useful for high traffic areas and restoring matted down areas. Using an orbital machine to clean the surface dirt four times a year can reduce the need for a deep extraction cleaning to just once a year. This schedule of frequent surface dirt removal will lengthen the life of a carpet. Thus, cleaning quarterly with an orbital machine will not only keep carpets looking their best, but will ultimately save a substantial amount of money and reduce the inconvenience of an in-home commercial cleaning.

After spraying the surface of the carpet with a mild carpet cleaner, the machine agitates the surface loosening the dirt trapped in the fibers. High traffic areas tend to have more dirt crushed into the fibers, causing it to matt down. The scrubbing motion of the carpet brush attachment lifts the fibers and separates the dirt, combining it with the sprayed on detergent.

Using a carpet bonnet on the orbital cleaner absorbs the remaining detergent and dirt. Because this method doesn’t heavily wet the carpets the dry time is significantly reduced. Carpet can be dry in as little as 30 minutes.

Investing in one of the smaller orbital floor cleaning machines can ultimately save a home owner time and physical effort, but it can save them quite a bit of money. The ability of oscillating contraptions to clean and restore various floor types makes it a multifunctional tool. It not only reduces the amount of chemicals used within the home, but also extends the life of a floor. Most importantly, it provides an immaculate gleam to every floor surface in the home.

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