Fun Facts About Mops: What Does Yours Say?

Since their invention, mops have transformed from the simple and timid designs of the past to the ultramodern types that feature somewhat bold and aggressive cleaning enhancements.

Most descriptions about mops are usually limited to their utility value. However, there is a lot your mop reveals about your personality:

It Can Reveal Your Frugal Side

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning SystemIf you are a frugal individual with a fastidious concern for small details, your mop will tell that to the world.

Naturally, people who possess such traits tend to choose highly advanced mops that are uniquely designed to achieve multi-level cleaning. The idea is usually to find one that achieves spotless cleaning by removing microscopic dust and all debris.

Frugal individuals have the tendency to disallow anything to spill on the floor or waste away in some part of the house. You will know that you fall in this category if you notice that your mop is still clean despite the fact that you have just cleaned a wide area in the kitchen or your living room. Try using the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System to test this fact.

How to Tell a Lady’s Mop

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String MopMost of the time, a lady’s mop will be clean, dry, and perfectly in its place. There is a lot feminine mystique revealed here.

Despite the fact, that it is used on a regular basis, the mop will tend to retain its impressive aesthetics for a long time. Lady’s have the good sense of washing, rinsing, and wringing their mops after cleaning.

Generally, your mop will reveal a lot to your neighbors and guests about your sense of hygiene. If you are committed to cleanliness, you are likely to go for something heavy duty like the O-Cedar Heavy-Duty String Mop. A lady of style will tend to choose a multi-colored mop with outstanding aesthetic enhancements.

Mops For The Lazy People

JINCLEAN 18" Microfiber Floor MopIt is often said that if you want to discover the easiest and simplest way of executing any task, assign it to a lazy person.

Lazy people will always find the easiest and most efficient way of completing the task. Mops for lazy people are designed with a lot of ergonomic features to make work easier.

Such a mop will feature a long and flexible handle to protect the lazy user against excessive bending or straining during the cleaning processes. The cleaning surface is likely to be wide enough to cover as much surface area as possible. The Jinclean 18-Inch Microfiber Floor-Mop could fit into this description.

Some Mops are Designed for Bachelor’s

Nearly all bachelors hearken to the same awkward rhythm of life. In their small private worlds, there is a lot of liberty to get as clumsy as they wish. Their floors are likely to be littered with all kinds of spills and trash. Apart from their equally clumsy buddies, many bachelor’s are not at ease welcoming guests.

A bachelor’s mop is largely unattended to after the cleaning and may lose its aesthetic flourish within the first week of its purchase. You can get some glimpse into the cloistered life of reclusive bachelor by examining his mop after its third usage. You are likely to find some evidence of beer, stale milk, coffee stains, and a mosaic of fast food stains.

Features of an Ideal Mop

  • Cleans both smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Ability to buff the floor to absolute dryness.
  • Ergonomic handle for optimum efficiency.
  • Tough and durable cleaning surface.
  • Cleans both microscopic dirt and large debris.


Overall, different types of mops are designed with unique merits and enhancements that suit them to particular utilities. Besides, the uniqueness of every mop inclines to the preferences of people with certain personalities. Your mop can tell the world about your sense of hygiene, frugal side, aesthetic taste, and lifestyle.

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