The Immense Value of Miele Vacuum Bags – Beyond What You Know

Miele Vacuum BagIf you’ve already got yourself a reliable Miele vacuum cleaner, then you probably already know the benefits of a quality Miele vacuum bag, but you might not know just how great of an impact they can really have.

You had better find out the extent to which these bags would benefit you; otherwise, you might end up regretting your loss if you disregard them out of ignorance.

High Quality Vacuum Bags

Miele HyClean is designed to pick up more dust particles than other vacuum bag. This is because of the two diffusers within it, which produce an even internal distribution of dirt and dust particles. That results in a 25 percent increased dust storage capacity.

Miele has such price tags as:i. $28.90 for the 4-pack GN Hyclean 3D dustbags with a motor filter and Super AirClean filterii. $19.95 for the 5-pack E dustbags with a dust compartment filter and exhaust filteriii. $24.90 for the 5-pack KK Hyclean dustbags

You can see that quality vacuum bags may be a bit pricey but they are worthwhile, in the same way that a hardwood floor vacuum is worthwhile if you’ve invested in a hardwood floor. You’ll be getting products that last longer and don’t need as many replacements.

To put things in perspective, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the 2012 average annual household expenditure for major and small appliances, miscellaneous housewares, and miscellaneous household equipment was approximately $1,049. That isn’t an amount you want to increase.

One key reason why people often wonder where all their money went, after realizing they are flat broke at the end of the month, is simply because they underestimate the cumulative cost of seemingly insignificant recurring expenses. The costs of a vacuum bag may not seem significant enough to cause a major dent in your budget, but constant replacement due to poor quality bags combined with costs of replacement of other household appliances is sure to disrupt your budget.

Superb Air Filtration and Elimination of Airborne Dust Particles

New Miele HyClean dustbags feature nine filtration layers. This ensures high performance air filtration. They also have self-closing dust traps to further prevent dust particles from getting airborne.

Elimination of dust particles in the air is vital in preventing or alleviating allergic conditions. This is especially important for young children, since the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that allergic conditions are the most common health concern for children.

The Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care indicates that nasal swelling affecting Americans led to health costs amounting to $17.5 billion, in the year 2010. Rather than waiting to lose more money in treating such allergic conditions, you would rather spend some money in getting a good vacuum bag that would help prevent the condition in the first place.

Statistics also show that 6 million days of work and school were lost due to nasal inflammation, while the affected people made 16 million doctor visits. This shows that allergic conditions would also lead to wasted time and energy seeking treatment; as well as lost opportunity to earn an income or learn, as you get well. It’s certainly wise to do every little bit to prevent such a scenario.

When you see the bigger picture – beyond the obvious benefits – you would be less inclined to take your vacuum bag for granted.

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