Are Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner Machines Any Good?

Shifting from a small apartment to a larger estate was like a dream come true. At the same time, I had clearly foreseen the new challenges of owning a big house. Foremost on my list was to find the best upright vacuum that would keep my home speck-less. After some research and reviews, I brought home a Miele upright vacuum, the Dynamic U1.

Though it was heavier than many of its counterparts like Dyson Cinetic or Kenmore Intuition, weighing almost 21 pounds, I got simply drawn to its excellent design and a sleek body reckoning an easy maneuverability anytime.

How it Cares For You

My best bet on Miele is its scavenger-like activity on dirt. The machine comprises of HEPA filters which trap any particulates, dust mites, pollen etc suspended in the room air, the most common triggers of asthma and bronchitis, giving us the quality air which we all deserve.

An added advantage is its robust 9-layered dust bag which is also spring-loaded. A 6-liter volume prevents the need of its replacement after every single use while 9 layers with a recoiling spring virtually lock the dirt to prevent any exposure from leaking while changing.

Frankly, I don’t mind spending few extra dollars on the time-to-time replacement of its slightly expensive filters as I recognize their big worth. Its overall better performance gave it my preference over the second bet vacuum cleaner, Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal.

Sophisticated Approach

An apparently noise-free system, it does a complete justice to my valuable and thick Italian carpets by virtue of its flexible transition from one floor surface to another. While it creates no scratches on my wooden floor, its soft roller brushes breezily split the fibers of the carpet and the powerful suction mechanism pulls out any deep-seated debris. Majestically removing hair and dander from all the corners, its charcoal filters draw out any stinky odors inside my home.

With an automatic height adjustment mechanism, it keeps itself as low to the floors to allow no escapade. A parking footprint guards it against slipping any spot.

Convenience Factors

  • A 39 feet power cord with its additional hoses spans a working radius of approximately 54 feet. This makes the switching over of the power supply every time a passe.
  • In-built handles allow me to handily lift it to the attic.
  • Swivel-neck wheels compassing full 360-degree rotations steer it around with the mannerism of walking on the cake.
  • LED lights visibly illuminate the darker corners, sides and bottoms of furniture pieces.
  • Extra attachments like a crevice tool for tight spaces;dusting brush for cleaning the blinds or the computer keyboard and; an upholstery brush.

Hoovers Air Cordless easily outscored Miele Dynamic in its designing or handiness but it was too noisy to be in my kit. (Learn more about Hoover upright vacuums here)


  • Its unbeatable 7-year motor warranty clearly indicates the high-end technology ensuring its long reliable service at work. That’s the edge above all other brands, especially Kenmore, which carries a mere year-time warranty.
  • Bestowed with a special Protection Strip, it even saves my walls and itself after a head-on collision.
  • Auto shut-off and a slow gradual start checks any over-heating, prolonging the life of the motor
  • Automatic indicator signals the need to check filters.
  • Electronic suction control (4 to 6 variable levels based on model you chose) saves my delicate curtains and art pieces allowing my customized modifications, a feature completely missing in Dyson.
  • Anti-tipping smartness


Miele upright vacuums while carrying its own weight around my house is a star performer in its duties and the guard of my family’s good health.

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