Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Review

Miele S8380 Cat & Dog VacuumAside from dogs, our home plays host to several cats as well. They are all stray cats, but my elderly mother who lives with us, has a bleeding heart when it comes to animals.

Until now, I don’t know their exact number, but they run roughshod around the house. The dogs have gotten tired of chasing them out.

Although I have banned them inside, they just turn their collective noses at me and march right in.

In exasperation, and out of concern for my son who is allergic to pet dander, I purchased a Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Vacuum.

Product Overview & Features

The Miele brand of vacuums have been around for over a century and is well-known for quality construction. Their appliances are some of the more expensive ones in the market mainly because they have placed themselves in the high-end niche. The Miele S8380 is an example of excellent German engineering. At about 11 lbs, this attractive-looking cleaner comes in coy orange (other colors have different model numbers).

Like most vacuum cleaners, it comes with special attachment. The S8380 has 3 – one brush for low pile to plush carpeting, a parquet brush for hardwood areas, and a mini-brush for upholstery and auto carpeting. Underneath its hood is a storage caddy so you can tote these attachments around.

With an impressive 33 feet cleaning radius, it also has a built-in park system so that your wands are not left lying around. Because of its castor wheels, this canister vacuum can maneuver around obstructions and thresholds. And of course, it has a superior HEPA filtration system designed to zap out dog and pet hair.


The Miele S8380 is one of the most convenient vacuum cleaners for a homeowner to have. I like to run this vacuum almost everyday to make sure that there is no pet dander flying around.

Miele S8380 Canister VacuumI run it over surfaces where I know the cats have been. They love my sofa, so the mini-brush is the most used attachment. It’s neck swivel can rotate 120 degrees, so it reaches the crevices of cracks where pet dander usually hides.

When I transport my dogs to the vet in my vehicle, I run this cleaner first before I let my son ride. And when some cats manage to slip inside bedrooms where the carpets are deeper than the rest of the of the rooms, the carpet brush makes quick work of the room.

I love the storage caddy because unlike the cleaners, I can move around the house with all the brushes. So if I feel like changing the brush anytime, all I have to do is bend down. The castor wheels and the long cord lets me move around the room without changing power outlets. Open the brush area and you will find that the design is special, a bit curved around so that pet hairs will not twist around it. It also makes it easy to clean the brushes. All the controls are right there within the reach of my foot. It was designed with the user in mind.


I don’t have a lot of complaints for this model. Some people say that the bags are too small so it has to be replaced often. That’s not a concern for me. Others say that it’s heavy for the old and frail; but since I consider vacuuming as exercise, it’s also not my issue. The most that I can say that it’s more expensive than other brands. But then again, you have to pay for quality.


The Miele S8380 Cat & Dog is one appliance that a conscientious pet owner must have. It keeps my entire house dander-free and my kids safe from allergy. But remember, this one has a defined target market. So if you are not a pet owner, then you may need to look for another type of vacuum cleaner.

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