Choosing The Best Miele Canister Vacuum For Your Home

Miele has long been at the forefront of incredible product design, offering their customers elegant and sleek appliances. Choosing a Miele canister vacuum for your home will largely depend on budget and the individual needs of your home.

Miele offers their customers three different ranges to choose from, which also defines the level of features available:

  • Classic
  • Compact
  • Complete

The Miele Classic Range

This is their entry-level product range and is available with different specifications. The cheapest model in this range, the Classic C1 Olympus, has a variable speed motor which you are able to control via a rotary dial. This cleaner is suitable for area rugs, low pile carpets, and hardwood floors.

What may frustrate buyers about the Miele range, is the fact that the vacuum bags will need to be changed regularly in order to maintain performance. However, very few complaints arise out of not being able to find stock.

At the very top of the classic range is the Classic C1 Titan. A little bit on the expensive side, it does offer a stronger motor. This model also includes a special attachment specifically designed for parquet flooring. Perfect for hard floors and low to medium pile carpets, this would be a sturdy addition to your appliance closet.

The Miele Compact Range

Starting off with the Compact C2 Quartz as the entry level model, this is truly why you trust Miele for your appliance needs. Fully-fitted with a silent motor, that incessant hum of the vacuum cleaner will no longer wake up sleeping guests or nightshift workers. It also boasts an AirClean sealed system construction, which makes it a great addition to any home that houses allergy sufferers. Low pile carpets, rugs and hard floors are recommended here.

The top model in this range adds in an Electro Comfort Electrobrush as well as a parquet flooring brush tool to the mix. Rugs and low to medium pile carpets and of course hard flooring surfaces are a great match here.

The Miele Complete Range

Miele vacuums are often referred to as the Rolls Royces of vacuum cleaners, and the Complete range solidifies this. The Complete C3 Alize is the entry level model in this range and features automatic speed control settings, a spotlight handle and an AirtTec Floor Brush. As with the other entry-level models, this one is suited for low pile carpets, hard floors and rugs.

Without a doubt, the most popular machine in this range is the Complete C3 Cat & Dog model, but it comes with a drawback: its price.

This model has been featured in many reviews and is known to be one of the best in the market as it is recommended for all flooring types. It also gets rid of pesky pet hair and dander as well as pet smells, making it a great addition to any household with furry friends.

As incredible as it all sounds, it’s actually not suitable for homes with small stairs because the Turbohead is simply too large. Bear that in mind should this one have made it to the top of your list.

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