Are LG Robot Vacuum Cleaners Worth Buying?

Gone are the days when weekly cleaning chores were a boring and involving task, not to mention tedious. Have you thought about getting an LG robot vacuum?

Today, these gadgets have taken up a prominent position in cleaning technologies. A number of companies have invested in this area, and LG has been on the forefront in the quest for innovative technology.

With a couple of varieties under the brand, LG really stands out from all the other options available in the market.

However, the question remains. Do they offer good value for the cost?

We’ll find out in subsequent sections, each of which will look at a particular feature to establish whether this is a great bargain for you.

Features of Interest:

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Value for money


Robot vacuums from LG feature a unique square design that I find compact enough for remote use. It also gives the gadget a subtle futuristic look. The glossy exteriors are aesthetically pleasing, but you will notice that this surface tends to attract dust every so often, making it imperative to wipe the cleaner after use.

These features make it well suited for different types of house interiors, but it feels as though it was aptly designed for the modern trendy interiors. The compact design does have its advantages, but the flip side of this is that it has low ground clearance, a factor which impedes effective cleaning on thick carpets.

LG vacuum cleaners stand out, thanks to their varied cleaning options. Look out for the ‘My Space’ feature, one I found very practical since it allows me to pre-set a specific region for it to clean. It is easy to use once it is activated. Other features worth mentioning are the inclusion of a remote control, an unobtrusive detachable dust tray as well as a concealed charging port.


Granted that these units stand out quite effortlessly in the marketplace, it has not shielded it from public scrutiny as far as performance is concerned. Cleaning performance is a notch above other vacuums, with greater suction power that ensures deep-seated dust is dealt with effectively.

If you are concerned about the noise that these units might produce, you can rest assured that is nothing to worry about. These cleaners are remarkably quiet, and only produce a noticeable buzz when the Turbo cleaning option is activated.

It is impossible to mention performance without appreciating how well these gadgets clean room corners, thanks to the square shape and the inclusion of eye cameras. The low ground clearance aforementioned, however, poses a problem when cleaning messy rooms because small items are not recognized, and often wind up sucked in the cleaner.

Value For Money

For its technologically-enhanced features, I recommend LG’s robot vacuum cleaners to anyone looking for a new cleaning option. The cost, however, remains on the higher side in comparison to conventional models. This, in my opinion, is the price to pay for ‘futuristic technology’ that keeps your floors clean whether you’re there or not.

Suffice to say, LG is one of the go-to brands if you’re in the market for a good robot vacuum and do not find the cost prohibitive. The cleaning performance and innovative features rank these cleaners among the top in the cleaning industry.

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