How to Keep Your Floors at Home Clean And Shiny

Clean And Shiny Kitchen Floor

When my husband and I bought our first home, I thought that keeping it clean would be a breeze. But with 3 kids, a dog, a cat and friendly neighbors who popped in and out the house, it was almost impossible.

To keep my sanity, I adopted a ‘casually clean” policy, that is, clean but not magazine perfect clean. Nonetheless, my friends were amazed at how I managed my household and career at the same time.

It’s really simple – I take an organized approach especially when it comes to floors. Here’s how I keep them clean and shiny room by room:


It’s actually my command central. It’s where I cook, do the budget, catch up on the day’s events and where my kids color and draw. The floor use be lined with unsealed hardwood. It was a nightmare! Water caused the floors to warp or stain, so I had to apply a layer of raw linseed and then mop the surface with dry mop every two weeks.

Eventually, I asked my husband to seal the hardwood. All I have to do now is go over the surface with a mop dampened with water and all-purpose cleaning liquid (sometimes a I just use a lightweight steam mop).


We have several bathrooms in the house. This is one area of the house that I clean everyday to prevent build-ups. I use a mop dampened with only a bit of an all-purpose cleaning solution. I minimize the soap because too much of it can leave a residue.

Once a week, I run the vacuum on the floor using the crevice attachment to get into the corners. I finish with a mop dipped in a mixture of 1 gallon water with 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.

Living Room

Since this was where I received guests, I clean this area on a regular basis. I have hardwood floors which take some work to maintain. I run the vacuum every other day even if it looks clean to pick up the minute dirt and grime. I alternate this with a dry mop.

I also found a third world item that’s really great if you want to make your hardwood floors shine. It’s made from coconut husks and you work off quite a sweat when using it. But the result is simply amazing, an almost mirror-like finish to your floors. It takes up a lot of time so I only do this when I host a party or the in-laws come for a visit.


All of the bedrooms are carpeted, so I just run a vacuum once a week in long, overlapping strokes. I pay close attention to the perimeter of the bed because this is where dust mites gather. For the rest of the week, I just pick up stuff left in the floors and put them back in the right places.

Cleaning the house is called a chore because that’s what it is – a real chore. A wise homemaker however, knows how to make it less of a chore. Create and keep to a cleaning schedule so that you won’t be overwhelmed during the weekend. Organization is the key to an efficient household.

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