Reasons Why I Love My iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

I am a stickler for perfection and a big aficionado of sparkling clean houses. A clean house, dust-free flooring and crisp walls are so refreshingly welcoming when you are back home from a heavy day of work. But this requires a thorough planning for house chores ahead of each week-end. That said, a large part of my week-ends used to be reserved for the maintenance of my home only until

I bought to the rescue of me and my time, my best hi-tech possession ever, the iRobot vacuum cleaner.

A little master that barely occupies any space for storage is now my greatest companion for cleaning. It was a surprise discovery while I was surfing the net for finding a suitable gift for my parents anniversary when I ended up gifting myself this lovely one-of-a-kind light-weight robot. The noteworthy qualities of this disc-shaped marvelous robot are stunning and aplenty.

Befriending My iRobot as I discovered its Uniqueness

After selecting a requisite mode, I can leave it all by itself while I may enjoy a movie or a drink. With its slender designing, it easily makes way for itself to scour under my legged, low-lying sofa-sets which otherwise I just can’t dream to reach without getting hassled. Being equipped with optical and acoustic sensors, my vacuuming is now well-targeted and channelized to the its fascinating detection of dirty spots. Quite like me, it does an elbow grease in a back-and-forth motion wherever there is an excessive smut.

Also, a spinning brush-like system makes for advanced cleaning at the walls and floor edges, which are always a backdrop for me due to a failure in achieving a profound access.
While observing it closely, I was amused to watch how it perceived the walls and furniture pieces to avert a head-on bang. However, the most striking feature of this specialized partner is the remarkable way to avoid falling down my basement stairs. This ensures me not to keep spending on breakages and longevity of this gem of a vacuum cleaner. The Brush-less Extractors help in keeping the iRobot free of hair or cotton-wool tangles and dirt pile-ups, adding to its advantage as a virtually maintenance-free cleaner.

I would also like to cite how my friend, Lesa, an asthmatic since childhood, pointed out the new-found freshness in the air at my place. This special characteristic is derived from the HEPA filters which have the potential to catch allergens, particulates and dirts suspended in our breathing air, aiding in a pollution-free and disinfected background of my abode. Even my little Flute’s(my kitten) hair are not bothersome anymore to us.

Nevertheless, being battery-operated, it drains itself off the charge usually after an hour of meticulous cleaning. Still, I need not hunt it back every single time. Instead, I opt for the Dock Mode whereby it locates its home base for recharging. Now, that’s what I call an extra-smart charging!

Other Cool Features

The words fall short in reciting its tales of wonder. To quickly list its few extraordinary traits for tech-savvies:

  • An Aerospace System for balancing debris removal with vacuum suction, made possible by a confluence of three break-though technologies.
  • Bin Indicator which flashes when the bin is full and needs to be evacuated.
  • Multiple modes (based on the models) for regular cleaning, spot or a smaller area cleaning and a dock mode(that I had just told you about). Recently, I saw at a friend’s place a virtual-walk or a room-to-room-mode where it even cleans on a larger scale throughout the house.
  • On-Board Scheduling allows me to time the cleaning exercise for my robotic marvel.
  • Get a Remote Control if you enjoy the fun of being its commanding guide.

To Put it Simply

There is no contradiction to how it meteorically became the world’s most popular robot vacuum cleaner. From a background worker to an active escort, it is quite simply and assertively an excellent asset for any home that deserves to be clean.

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