Top Benefits of Owning a Hoover Upright Vacuum

Upright Vacuum From HooverThe Hoover brand of vacuum cleaners is renowned for its array of superior appliances and cleaning efficiency. The brand has different types of cleaners, but their upright models stand out because of their ease of use and diversity. Just as the name suggests, these vacuums stand upright and feature a cleaning head linked to a long handle and dirt bag.

This design allows you to cover large areas when cleaning, and is certainly what sets the top rated upright vacuums apart from the conventional canister models. I have used the latter for a while, and only bought the Hoover upright vacuum cleaner recently. I have, excitedly, forgotten about the canisters (quite conveniently because I moved to a bigger house).

What Are Some of The Advantages of Choosing a Hoover?

In order to grasp the advantages of a Hoover, you need to study some of the unique features of the cleaner. Below, I outline the top benefits of this cleaner under the features of the same.

  • Suction Technology that ensures effective cleaning.
  • Lightweight Design that makes the cleaner easy to maneuver.
  • The choice of a corded or cordless.

Suction Technology

If you have toddlers like I do, and know how they love to wreck havoc, then you will be able to appreciate the suction technology that Hoover vacuums are equipped with. This technology allows deep-seated dirt to be sucked from the carpet fibers by way of multiple channels.

In addition, the filters can easily trap dirt and debris, allowing filtered air back into the surrounding. This is very important for users who show sensitivity to dust allergens. The fact that this technology also makes their cleaners excellent at cleaning pet hair is welcome relief for pet lovers like me.

Lightweight Design

I will admit that one of the reasons I was hesitant to purchase an upright model was the perception that all of them were bulky, and certainly heavy for my tiny frame. Needless to say, the Hoover upright vacuum was a pleasant surprise. The lightweight design makes cleaning a breeze, and allows you to navigate the room while accessing hard-to-reach corners.

Add to this the steerable design, and it is easy to see why Hoover is perfect for anyone who appreciates great quality and the convenience of vacuuming.

Availability of Corded or Cordless

Going with the cordless option is probably the best cleaning decision I have made. What’s not to love about a full-size power-packed vacuum cleaner to ensure my house remains spick and span? I love that the rechargeable batteries allow for a full cleaning session for an hour or so.

If however, you love to go old-school and opt for the corded variety, Hoover has you covered with their equally excellent range of corded vacuum cleaners. Take advantage of the lengthy cords and indulge in cleaning a wide area. What’s more, the automatic cord rewind feature protects you from tripping over, an innovative feature to ensure user safety.

Other features of the Hoover upright model that will amaze you include the high capacity dirt bag, floor settings for different surfaces as well as the ease of storage. Do not take my word for it; isn’t it time to get yours today and enjoy the aura of clean personal spaces?

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