Reasons to Buy a Hoover Stick Vacuum For Your Home

Brand is not just a marketing ploy. It’s a way of identifying the quality of merchandise. When it comes to appliances its important to buy from a trusted brand. After all, you will be using it for several years.

Hoover has been around since 1908 when a part-time janitor invented the first carpet sweeper. Who better to invent than one who actually uses it on his job? And because they make quality products, it captured a large part of the European market and continued to invent new ones that are responsive to the needs of its customers. There are several models (Junior to The Convertible) to choose from and there is one for every price range.

People who are not in charge of cleaning usually do not see the virtues of owning a Hoover stick vacuum. While there are many ways you can use a cordless vacuum, there is one good reason why everyone should have one in their homes, and that is, it will make cleaning so much easier.

Why You Should Have One

A few weeks ago, while browsing in an appliance store, I overheard a customer asking a salesman why anyone would need a stick vacuum. He pointed out that his wife already had a perfectly good upright vacuum cleaner so why would he need to plunk down more money for a stick that had limited power?

I rolled my eyes and thought to myself “typical man”. I took pity on his poor wife and went over to explain to the poor sap why every home should have one.

Handy Assistant

A stick vacuum is one of the handiest cleaning tools around. It can easily pick from the occasional dust, dirt, lint, small debris from the floor.

Most of the cordless ones are not meant for heavy cleaning, but are really great when you need to do some quick clean ups.

For families with kids, you can use it to clean the mess after meal times or when the baby throws his food around for fun.

If you are into craft, it can make it very easy to pick up the lint, thread or craft debris after a session.

Or when company is coming and you need a touch up to make your home look pristine, you won’t have to whip out the mop, dust pan and/or cleaning rags for every cleaning emergency. And because its lightweight, you can make quick work of cleaning messes. Best of all, you keep your hands clean.

Quick In-Between Cleaning

The best time to clean is right after a mess happens. You don’t want dust and dirt to pile up before cleaning up. Use the cordless vacuum to do some in-between cleaning so that you spend less time during clean up day.

It’s so easy and fun to use, your kids will love to help. Just leave one in your teens room and he/she can use it whenever there’s a small mess that requires immediate attention. That’s one less room to clean up.

They’re very affordable that you can several of them at the same time without breaking the bank.

Travels Well

Stick vacuums are good companions on the road especially for clean freaks (like me). It can be used to clean the car after camping or a day at the beach.

Personally, I hate riding in a car that is riddled with dirt and sand. And when my husband is not looking, I give the cottage a quick once-over. Just remember to charge it before you leave (if it’s a cordless model) in case there is no available outlet where you are going.

But the more important question is, which stick vacuum should you buy? There are several to choose from. In my experience, there is nothing better than a good Hoover.

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