Hoover SH20030 Cyclonic Stick Review

Hoover Cyclonic Stick VacuumStick vacuums can be extraordinarily helpful when you have a smaller cleaning job to do. While their suction is not generally good enough to clean thick carpeting, hard floors and smaller pile carpets can be a breeze. This Hoover Cyclonic stick vacuum is no exception, and it works very well for its intended purpose.

Since this particular stick vacuum is equipped with a brushroll head that can be switched on or off, it’s easy to adjust to different floor types all around your house.

Let’s take a look at some of the nifty features included on the Hoover SH20030 model.


While the SH20030 doesn’t have any revolutionary technology breakthroughs, the combination of features given here make this Hoover a versatile stick vacuum. Here are the most notable features:

  • Bagless, Cyclonic Filtration: The bottom release dirt cup will catch just about anything you pick up, and it’s easy to empty without making a huge mess of things. There is an additional smaller filter that can be removed and washed when necessary. Together, they make a pretty decent team for taking out the majority of dirt and dust particles you encounter.
  • Extreme Recline: Get your vacuum cleaner under the bed, furniture, and anywhere else without having to move every single thing in a room. This stick vacuum can be laid almost all the way down while still operating with the same suction as it would have standing upright. Perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas under and around heavy furniture.
  • Brushroll Head: As mentioned before, the Hoover Cyclonic stick has a brushroll head which can be turned on and off at will for different parts of your home. You can quickly switch between hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpet by simply clicking the head to the correct setting for use.
  • Edge Cleaning Bristles: Not a lot will irritate a frequent ‘vacuumer’ than having to sweep around the edges of a room to get the dirt into a position that the vacuum cleaner will reach. Avoid the hassle with this nifty feature that helps suck dirt even from the edges and corners of the room without you having to resort to an attachment or a broom.
  • 20 ft. Cord: A standard size cord for most vacuums, 20 ft. is long enough to get you around most rooms without having to switch power sockets.

Hoover SH20030Pros

People that have used this vacuum had a lot of good things to say about it. Among those things, here are a few that many agreed on:

  • Storage is very easy, because this is a small and non-invasive vacuum. It can fit easily into a closet, or even be stood upright in the corner of a room for easy access.
  • It’s great on hard floors, and it reaches the corners very well. The edge-cleaning bristles do a good job at simplifying a frustrating task. It has powerful enough suction that there’s not a lot of dirt that will get passed over. Effective on kitchen messes and surprisingly on things like kitty litter as well.
  • The brushroll works very well on pet hair. Your furry friends don’t have to cause you cleaning woes when you’re using this stick vacuum, since it’s lightweight enough to use often and powerful enough to keep up with the shedding and dirt-tracking. A great balance between power and portability.


Equally as relevant, there were some complaints about this vacuum. The most common were:

  • Because there are no attachments, it’s not very versatile for non-floor surfaces. For example, if you wanted to vacuum your sofas or drapes, it would have a very difficult time doing so. No one wants to be waving a huge stick vacuum in the air and trying to put it on the couches or walls.
  • The brushroll head tends to collect hair. Whether it’s on or off, the head stands in the way of the suction tube and therefore is able to latch on to various dirt and debris that would otherwise have been sucked up with no issues.
  • The suction leaves a little to be desired. It’s fine considering the size and use of the vacuum, but it’s not great overall.


You can easily replace a broom with this little machine, or even replace your full size vacuum if you have a smaller place to clean, such as a college dorm room or a small apartment.

The Hoover Cyclonic Stick SH20030 makes cleaning your small messes a lot easier, and it does it all at an incredible price!

Plus, you won’t lose a lot of storage room by adding this to a closet. Overall, this stick vacuum does a great job unless you have a large house, medium-high pile carpets, or lots of areas that can only be reached with attachments.

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