Picking the Right Hoover Canister Vacuum

Who doesn’t love coming home to a clean home? My family does, but keeping it that way is hard work. As the designated home manager, I make it a point to always have the right vacuum on hand.

I prefer always prefer a good canister vacuum cleaner, and after trying a Hoover model, I can see why they are big in Europe. The Hoover line started when a part-time janitor James Murray Spangler invented the first carpet sweeper that did not trigger his allergies in 1908. Since then, management in Hoover has changed several times, and have produced many models for different kinds of users.

So, how do you choose the right Hoover canister vacuum for you?

Evaluate Your Floor Surface

Combination Floor TypeOnce you have decided on buying a Hoover, the next question you should ask yourself is where you are going to use it on.

Are there stairs or is it a 1-bedroom apartment? Canister vacuums are best for the former, and an upright for the latter. It’s also good for homes with combination floors.

Do you have special cleaning needs such as ceiling fans, high ceilings or some special collections? There’s a Hoover vacuum for all your needs, it’s just a matter of knowing what your needs are.

Foot Traffic

After knowing the type of floor surface you usually clean, you should then determine the amount of foot traffic that comes into your home.

If the traffic is quite high and brings in a lot of dirt and soil from the outside, a powerful vacuum can easily do the job. Expect to pay more for ones with bigger motor.

If you rarely have visitors, you can save by choosing a less aggressive one.

Remember the rule though – your carpet and other fibers should be able to handle the strength and aggressiveness of the machine that you choose. This is why you should put some thought when evaluating your floor surface.

Allergic Family Members

You should also consider whether you have a member of your household who has an allergy. My son does, so I always check for HEPA capability. Look for the terms “True HEPA”, “Certified HEPA” or even “Absolute HEPA” if this is an important factor for you because it tells you whether or not they comply with HEPA standards.

In Europe, HEPA is commonly known as S-class filter. You will know that it is compliant if their filter removes 99.97{13d535ddeae1a90f42b9ff1586906b2be87669b7e44aacb62d19711cfd014a97} of particles.

Ease of Use

The best vacuum cleaner is no good if you find it hard to use. This is a matter of personal preference. Try holding it up for some time to see if you can handle it for the time you will use it.

If you have a particularly big house, you might be thinking of getting a heavy-duty vacuum. But if you are built like a doll, you might want to consider a lighter unit. Also, turn it on and see if the noise it makes is tolerable. I have sensitive hearing so this is an important consideration for me.

I was hesitant to buy a Hoover canister vacuum at first. But when I found out that it was invented by a janitor, someone who actually used it on their job, I knew that this was a manufacturer worth considering.

This brand has withstood the test of time and so any model you choose, as long as it suits your needs, will surely make you happy.

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