What is a Homemade Enzymatic Cleaner?

What is an Enzymatic Cleaner?

An enzymatic cleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agent. An enzyme is a substance that has been produced by a living organism so most enzyme cleaners are made using citrus or other types of fruit. These effective cleaners use enzymes to speed up the chemical reactions that remove stains.

Why Use Enzymatic Cleaners?

Many people prefer enzymatic cleaners for their safe and eco-friendly formulas. Because they can be made with naturally occurring ingredients, and are a great choice for pet homes and families who want to maintain a green home. They work well to combat a variety of different stains including, but not limited to sweat, grease, blood, grass, and food stains. The enzymes in these cleaners help to speed up the stain removal process and they are known for being quick stain fighters.

Why Make Your Own Enzymatic Cleaner?

Making your own enzymatic cleaner is an easy way to save both money and the environment. By making your own cleaner, you can avoid the often high cost of purchasing these popular cleaners.

An enzyme cleaner is a great way to implement green cleaning methods into your daily house keeping routine and making your own cleaner puts less strain on the environment.

How to Make a Citrus Enzymatic Cleaner

  1. Find a good container. An empty two liter soda bottle makes a great vessel for your cleaning product and helps you recycle at the same time.
  2. Measure seven tablespoons of brown sugar into your bottle. A funnel is a useful tool for this project. If you don’t have a funnel, you can roll up a piece of paper to make your own.
  3. Wash a few citrus peels and slice them into small strips that can fit through the opening of the bottle. Any citrus fruit will work for this. Some classic choices include oranges and lemons but other fruits such as limes or grapefruits would be a good choice as well.
  4. Add 1.25 cups of your washed and sliced citrus peels to the bottle.
  5. Pour one liter of water into the bottle. If you are using a two liter bottle, this will equal half of the bottle.
  6. Shake the bottle vigorously until the brown sugar dissolves completely.
  7. Open the cap of the bottle to let out the gasses that will have formed.
  8. Write the date on the bottle with permanent marker.
  9. Allow the formula to ferment for at least two months.

How to Use Your Concentrated Enzyme Cleaner

After the two months of fermentation have passed, your homemade concentrated enzyme cleaner is ready for use. Use a cheesecloth and a kitchen strainer to filter the liquid. Next, measure half a cup of your cleaner and pour it into a spray bottle along with one liter of water. Your cleaner is now ready to use on all your house hold stains and cleaning projects.

Uses for Your Homemade Cleaner

Your homemade enzymatic cleaner works great in the bathroom. Spray it onto the sink and counter and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping away the residue. You can also use it in the kitchen. Pour a little down the drain to clean your garbage disposal and leave your sink with a fresh citrus aroma. Enzymatic cleaners are effective at lifting stains in your laundry. Spray a little onto clothing soiled with grease, sweat, or grass as a pre-treatment before you wash your clothing. You could also add it directly to the washing machine.

Enzymatic cleaners are a safe an effective way to keep your home clean!

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