Hardwood Floor Daily Care Tips

Caring For Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are a beauty to behold in any home or building. In order to protect the beauty of the floors and extend its life, there are specific things that you should keep in mind for its daily care and maintenance.

Keep it Clean

Sweep your hardwood floor daily to keep the dirt and other small particles off of it because these can cause scratches if they are not removed. Sweep your floors with a light broom that will not be heavy on the debris to avoid risk of scratching.

Another way to keep your hardwood floors clean and free from debris is to put mats in the entryways to catch dirt from incoming foot traffic. You should clean these daily because accumulated dirt and debris can spill out of the mat and cause damage to the area immediately around it. Mats can also damage wood floors if they end up trapping moisture under them.

A vacuum cleaner is a great way to remove small debris, dirt and pet hair from your floor and from the gaps between the floorboards. Use accessories with a soft end or a non-rotating brush end.

Disposable electrostatic cloths can also be a quick way to clean up a hardwood floor. Both sides of the cloth can be used for a wide sweep to get any wayward debris that may have been overlooked while sweeping.

Keep it Dry

Hardwood floors tend to stain (or possibly even warp and split) when exposed to liquids of any kind, even water, for a prolonged period of time. Put a mat or a rug in the vicinity of the kitchen sink where there is a bigger possibility of spills.

Spills should be wiped immediately. Take note of the liquids that can cause staining, which include but are not limited to:

  • Wine
  • Juices
  • Bleach
  • Oils
  • Pet waste
  • Rain

Keep Off The Wear

Foot traffic can wear out wood, causing it to appear uneven, dented, or even warped. Areas where people constantly walk on should be protected by placing rugs or even repositioning furniture to avert the traffic to different areas. Keep in mind also that some shoes can cause more damage than others.

If you plan on putting furniture directly on your hardwood floor, they should have rubber padding on their feet to prevent marks. The pads can be bought at DIY stores and attached with sticky backing on the feet of chairs and other furniture.

When moving a heavy object or furniture; it is best to always carry it. Dragging it can result in a lot of accidental scratching.

Keep it Waxed

If you have not treated your hardwood floor with polyurethane, you can wax it once a week while maintaining its shine with a dry mop daily. Mopping with a wet cloth can cause the wood to lose its luster and become rough. Prolonged exposure to water or harsh cleaning agents can also cause it to become abrasive.

Keep these daily care tips in mind and you’ll keep your floors looking beautiful for a long time to come.

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