Best Ways to Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas on Your Floor

We all go ‘ugh!’ when it comes to cleaning those hard to reach places on the floor of our home. But they require as much cleaning as any other place to keep your home healthy, clean and safe.

And the job is not that difficult if you do it systematically. All you need is the right set of tools, a little bit a planning, and some self-motivation.

Gather your Tools

Make a Cleaning Plan

Cleaning systematically will save you a lot of time and help you prevent skipping areas. Do one room at a time. I also prefer to follow a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern to cover all corners.

The Hard to Reach Places on Your Floor

Most of the hard-to-reach places are under your furniture. Floor beneath your refrigerator and toilet are not only hard to reach but also requires more ‘willpower’ to attend to.

1. Cleaning Under Furniture

The biggest obstacle is obviously to move the furniture. A long reach duster may help you to clean visible areas under them. But for thorough cleaning, you have no choice but to completely reposition the furniture.

A common way to do it is to gather family members, relatives and/or friends. However, easy to use Furniture Sliders are now available at most hardware stores, and they can make your life a lot easier.

They will help you glide your furniture on carpeted and hard surfaces alike, enabling you to more frequently clean the floor beneath.

2. Cleaning Beneath The Refrigerator

Cleaning the floor under the refrigerator is as important as cleaning the refrigerator itself. Dust mites, grime and even pet-hair accumulate on the floor behind refrigerator as much as behind it.

First, use your long reaching duster and clean the floor properly (or vacuum it). Move the refrigerator and wipe the floor well with a damp cloth. For better results, you can use a solution of 1/3 cup white vinegar and 1/2 gallon warm water to damp the cloth. The solution is safe for all sorts of surfaces.

3. Cleaning The Floor Behind and Around The Toilet

It is gross, but someone has to do it. First obstacle is having to be so close to the toilet while doing it. And the second one is, very little space to maneuver the job.

Use a strong-bristled broom to clean the dust. Also, regularly mopping the floor behind base with a bleach solution is a good way to reduce germs.

Additional Care Tips

Make sure you tend to your closet floors accordingly, including your broom closet. These are the places where all remaining dust go once you have put your cleaning tools back to rest.

For thorough cleaning, you can use a damp sponge to wipe after mopping.

After cleaning the hard to reach places, it is always good practice to clean the entire floor in general so no dust remains, since a lot of it could have spread while cleaning the tough spots.

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