Eureka Vacuum Reviews, Comparison, and Buying Guide 2023

Eureka Mighty MIte Vacuum on Carpet and HardwoodAlmost every homeowner has a love-hate relationship with their vacuuming devices.

They love the fact that vacuums keep their homes looking sparkling clean and germ-free. However, when it comes to the issues (noise, cords too short, inappropriate suction power, too many/few accessories… get the drift!), most people find their vacuum cleaners a major pain.

Eureka is a vacuum cleaner manufacturing company, headquartered in Detroit, USA, and has been manufacturing ergonomic vacuuming machines since 1909. All of their vacuum cleaners have superlative cleaning abilities powered by the AirSpeed technology and the SuctionSeal technology, both patented technologies designed to make your home gleam.

With an assortment of vacuum cleaner models to choose from, the next step is to choose which one to place your money on.

Here is a comparison chart of the best Eureka vacuums currently available:

Top 3 Eureka Vacuum (Classic & New Models) Comparison Chart 2023:

 Top 3 Eureka Vacuums
Overall Rating
(1 - 10)
Customer Feedback
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G
Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner







Eureka EasyClean 71b
Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum







Eureka AS3008A Airspeed
Eureka AS3008A Airspeed Exact Reach Bagless Upright








Best Eureka Vacuum Cleaners


Upright vacuums are ideal for cleaning spaces that do not require you to bend too much. Most uprights come with a detachable brush bar that allows an easy transition between cleaning carpets and hardwood floors.


  • Best suited for large homes with a lot of traffic.
  • Weighs a lot more than other models, so you may want to consider a lightweight stick for every day use.
  • Has accessories for deep cleaning.

Recommended upright model: Eureka AS3008A Airspeed Vacuum Exact Reach Bagless Upright


Canisters are more versatile than uprights. You can carry them around the house, the stairs, and into nooks and crevices for thorough cleaning. Because of this, Eureka canister vacuums make great hardwood floor vacuum cleaners.


  • Easier to clean stairs with canister models.
  • Comes with a myriad of attachments that enable cleaning of drapes and upholstery.
  • Are usually quieter than other models because there is space for acoustic insulation around the canister.

Recommended canister model: Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

Other Vacuum Types for Specialty Use


Sticks are very similar to upright, except that they do not come with added accessories. They are lightweight, easy to store , handle, and are a wonderful cleaning tool to handle light debris on the floor. If you have limited arm strength, want a corded/cordless device to sweep your floors every day, sticks are an awesome cleaning tool to have.


Very similar to canisters in their design and functionality, handheld vacuums are extremely lightweight and can be carried around to clean a variety of surfaces, nooks, and inaccessible corners. Handheld models provide extremely low amperage but can be used to clean spills, stains, and interiors in your car, boat or RV.

Convertible 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners can double up as both sticks and handhelds, depending on what you prefer. Eureka prefers offering you convertible models with both stick-vac and handheld-vac capabilities, instead of presenting you with just a stick or a handheld to choose from.

Two of the most popular 2-in-1’s include the Eureka Quick UP Cordless and the Eureka EasyClean 2-in-1.

Buying the right kind of vacuum for your home can be an overwhelming task. We recommend that you carefully identify your cleaning requirements and browse through the various models available. You can stay rest assured that you will find the right model, given your specifications and budget constraints at Eureka.

Bagless Models

If you’re looking for a reliable bagless vacuum for your home, you need not look any further! As a leader in the vacuum industry, Eureka offers numerous bagless options to choose from. Their strong reputation for quality and excellent customer service guarantees that you will find a great product no matter what your specific needs are.

The convenience of going bagless is unrivaled. Without bags to change out, and with easy-to-see dust collection cups, your vacuuming time and experience will be improved significantly.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit compact, or a good addition to your already existing arsenal, then a bagless stick model is a great way to go. These little powerhouses will allow you to quickly and easily clean those smaller areas that might otherwise be difficult to maneuver with a standard upright.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can also choose to pick up a bagless canister model. And unlike canister vacuums from some other less known brands, these bagless canister vacuums offer great mobility and are usually much lighter in weight. They also have large capacity dust cups, so you can vacuum a generous area before having to stop and empty them.

Eureka Vacuums For Pet Hair

It is impossible to deny that your fuzzy housemates are an important part of your family, and the collection of pet hair throughout your home is a strong testament to that fact. If you are a person who will sit on the floor in order to avoid disturbing your slumbering canine or feline companion, then you need to have a vacuum cleaner waiting to help clean the mess when they awake.

When it comes to keeping your home tidy, regardless of where your household pets decide to do the bulk of their shedding, Eureka has a vacuum model ready to handle even the toughest animal molting season. For instance, the cleaning power of the Eureka AS ONE Pet delivers proven results on surfaces all the way from hardwood floor to plush shag carpets that somehow survived the 1970s.

Designed with the specific needs of pet owners in mind, this Eureka pet vacuum utilizes efficient airflow path for increased suction and limited bends and turns that eliminates clogging.

As a seasoned pet owner however, you know that the bulk of your pet’s hair ends up in the most inexplicable of places, so having a machine with the necessary attachments is a must have item, and the AS ONE Pet Eureka vacuum delivers with an array of attachments designed to get at even the hardest to reach spots.

Whether using the 8-foot deluxe stretch hose to get the cat’s fur on top of the refrigerator, or deploying the low profile nozzle to reach under the 500-pound oak credenza, you will have the right tool to get the job finished. Additionally, all this cleaning power is contained within a lightweight package that delivers heavyweight results. At only 10-pounds, you won’t have to worry about fighting with the weight of the machine as you do battle with the pet fur and dust bunnies that have taken over your home.

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Capturing dust and dirt has never been easier. There are a wide array of HEPA and allergen bags to choose from. They are made to suit a wide range of models and purposes.

All of the bags are made in adherence to very high standards of quality. A common characteristic between the various options is the very high filtration rate. This is to ensure that your cleaning sessions leave an aura of freshness. There will be no trace of dust, pet hair, or any other allergen being distributed back into the air as you might have experienced with some other brands.

All bags are designed so they fit perfectly into your cleaner. They are also very affordable and come conveniently packaged, minimizing your visits to the store in search of new bags. What these vacuum bags offer is an amazing mix of fine quality, meticulous service, variety, health safety and affordability; all in one package.

Eureka Vacuum Filters

The performance of a cleaner’s filtration system is a critical area when it comes to selecting the right vacuum cleaner, regardless of whether it’s for your home or a for a more commercial setting.

The quality of indoor air directly impacts your health and overall wellness of those exposed to it. This is particularly critical for persons with asthma as well as those who suffer from various allergic reactions.

A vacuum’s filtration system can help to remove a diverse range of allergenic particles from the air, and Eureka vacuums remain an industry leader when it comes to high performance models equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for trapping dirt and dust particles, ad carbon/charcoal filters for absorbing odors.

Models labeled True HEPA, or Sealed HEPA, have an intricate design that ensures no leakages and that all air drawn in will pass through the filter before being exhausted back to the environment.

With just a model name, you can easilysearch and find filters on the brand’s website. It is imperative to replace the filters every 3-6 months for optimal performance.

Eureka Vacuum Replacement Parts

Vacuum replacement parts are an invaluable part of maintaining your vacuum cleaner. Accidents happen, and vacuums break over time. The good news is Eureka vacuum parts are readily available at affordable prices so keeping your cleaning in good condition for daily use is not too difficult.

The process of finding the correct replacement parts begins with knowing your vacuum’s model number. Parts only work well when used with the right model. From filters to bags and belt replacements, Eureka has a wide array of parts to fix most common breakages without having to replace the entire machine. This can save you a lot of money over time.

The days of unnecessary expenses and inconvenient visits to the repair shop are long gone. Just visit one of the many Eureka outlets and stores and get all the parts you need.


Vacuum cleaners by nature endure a lot of punishment over their lifespan and choosing a dependable one is important for your overall peace of mind. All Eureka models are guaranteed to be free of defect in parts, materials, and workmanship. To that end, they come equipped with 1-3 year limited warranties. With the exception of the length of coverage, all warranties carry identical terms and conditions.

When purchasing a Eureka vacuum, it’s important to register the warranty as soon as you can. Simply fill out the warranty card and mail it in to ensure your device is covered.

Once registered, the warranty will cover the unit in conjunction with the normal operation of the device against unexpected malfunctions or mechanical issues. This coverage extends to the parts which don’t normally need to be replaced like bags, filters, light bulbs, drive belts, impellers, brush rolls, or as a result of accumulated dirt that would be removed by proper maintenance.

Problems not covered by the warranty include any issues arising from the improper or unauthorized use of the cleaner. So, as long as you are operating it as intended, your unit will be protected.

It’s also important to note that damage or malfunctions caused by negligence, or abuse of the unit, will cause the warranty to be void.

If servicing is required, Eureka will repair the defect or replace the unit at their discretion. The location of authorized repair facilities can be obtained from, or by calling their customer service number. When bringing the vacuum in for repair, the customer will be asked to provide proof of warranty protection as well as proof of purchase. Customers living outside service areas will be required to send in the units at their own expense, however, return postage will be paid by the company.

Eureka vs. BISSELL

Having been in existence for over 100 years, Eureka is certainly a trend setter as far as vacuum cleaners are concerned. Many consumers prefer Eureka vacuums over BISSELL for a number of reasons:

  • Versatility – Eureka has a very vast array of vacuum models to choose from. This allows them to cater to a wider market and meet a more diverse portfolio of needs. From canister and steam to handheld, stick, and upright, Eureka has got the vacuuming ground pretty much covered. There are so many choices you can make to keep your home clean. BISSELL on the other hand, mostly specializes in upright vacuums as their main product, which leaves a lot of needs unmet.
  • Affordability – Eureka is aware of the diversity of its market and has tried to create high quality vacuum cleaners to suit all kinds of budgets. Even their lower cost options maintain high quality standards.
  • Quality – Numerous consumer reviews online have confirmed that vacuums developed by Eureka require very few repairs over their lifetime. BISSELL on the other hand, has had quite a few complaints about breakages and repairs, which might explain why so many consumers are choosing to go with Eureka.

Eureka vs. Dyson

Both Dyson and Eureka Forbes are major brands when it comes to the vacuum cleaning industry. Looking at their relative advantages and disadvantages will help you to choose the one that’s right for you:

Here are some comparisons between the two:

  • Price – This is one of the things which is likely to play a role in your decision making process, whether you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, or any other product for that matter. Dyson machines are generally more expensive when compared to Eureka models, which usually cost only a fraction of what Dyson charges. So if you’re not looking to spend too much but still want to get a high quality cleaner for your buck, then Eureka is the way to go. Eureka vacuums are better than Dyson when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.
  • Cleaning Effectiveness – While price is always an important consideration for most shoppers, there is no point in buying something if it doesn’t work as effectively as you need it to. Dyson scores higher on this count as it can more effectively clean different kinds of debris like pet hair in addition to regular dust and dirt. In other words, if you have pets, you may want to consider picking up a Dyson. Dyson also carry special models aimed particularly at cleaning animal hair, although most of their models are capable of doing this quite well already.
  • Recurrent Expenditure – Dyson vacuums come with a re-usable filter, whereas some Eureka models still need the bags to be changed. In the long run, this may prove to be more expensive and cumbersome too. However, if you have allergy sufferers in your household, having a bagged vacuum may be worth this cost.
  • Comparing Warranties – Dyson offers a 5 year warranty vs a 3 year warranty provided by Eureka for most of their vacuums. This is likely to assume more importance after the wear and tear of regular use after a couple years.

So, if price is a determining factor for you, then Eureka is an attractive option because it offers very high quality vacuums at a good price, whereas Dyson scores higher, but also costs a lot more.

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