Eureka Quick-up 96H Cordless 2-in-1 Review

It’s almost dinner time, and my three boys are roughhousing in the living room. I shout at them to keep it down but they have too much energy, probably from all the soda that they have been downing since they came home. Suddenly, I hear the sound of glasses breaking. I breathe deeply and move to investigate.

My 3 boys stood in the middle of the room looking guilty beside a big mess. Welcome to my daily nightmare. After a long day at the office, I’m just glad that I have my Eureka Quick-up 96H to help me deal with my cleaning crises.

Product Overview and Features

Eureka Quick-up 96H Stick VacuumIts name is a good description of its features. It’s a stick vacuum cleaner that can easily convert to a handheld vacuum for those hard-to-reach areas.

It’s lightweight (barely 2 kilos), carries a 6 volt charge (therefore cordless), with reusable dust cup filters.

The brush-roll switch allows the user to move to different floor surfaces with just one flick. The charger can be mounted on the wall so that it does not get in anyone’s way. It can be easily stored in small space as it can stay upright.


Truthfully, this Eureka Stick Vacuum is not my main cleaner. I only use it for cleaning emergencies such as the ones that happen daily in my house.

I’ve gotten tired of punishing my boys, so I just hand this vacuum to them. At 4 pounds, they have easily learned to operate it. They can even disassemble it to a handheld when the mess goes into hard-to-imagine places.

Most of the time, all I have to do is look at them, and they scramble for the vacuum cleaner, make the necessary passes, and then return it to storage.

There are no complicated attachments to put when switching from different floor types. I just switch the brush-roll switch to the floors, lift the carpet and easily clean under it. Because I clean immediately after it happens, there is less cleaning to do during my weekly pass.


While this vacuum cleaner has been extremely useful to my family, I do have one complaint about it – its battery. It takes about 14-16 hours to charge it, and can run only for 30 minutes at the most.

That’s why I only use it for emergencies so that I don’t have to charge it everyday. Although it can be used even though its not yet fully charged, still, it might affect the battery life.


Not everyone or every situation is suited to use the Eureka Quick-up 96H Cordless 2-in-1. It’s best for users who only have to clean a small area, and don’t want to have several kinds of vacuum cleaner on hand.

It’s also good for emergency clean-ups, especially for families who have pets and children who create a lot of mess during the course of the day, or if you have low-pile carpets and wood flooring in your house and you don’t want to switch between cleaners.

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