Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Canister Vacuum Review

Might Mite Canister Vacuum DesignPros: The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is lightweight, powerful, and doubles as a canister vacuum and blower. It can effectively clean bare floor surfaces as well as debris from garages and other work areas.

Cons: The suction is non adjustable and a bit noisy. It does not work that great on medium to high-pile carpeting.

Verdict: It’s effective at picking up dirt and debris from hardwood floors and low-pile carpeting. A great choice if you’re looking for a quick and efficient clean without having to overspend on a vacuum that does what the 3670G can already effectively do.

This Eureka vacuum has more to boast about than its friendly sounding name.

With this canister vacuum, you shouldn’t expect the red carpet to roll out in front of you, but it will clean that carpet well and save you a few dollars along the way.


Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 Canister Vacuum

The 3670G doesn’t come with all the fancy features you can imagine, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve to help you clean quickly and efficiently.

Equipped with a 12 amp motor, the suction power is strong enough to clean up a large variety of messes. It also comes standard with 3 vacuum heads and an extension wand.

The main head does not have a brush roller, so it’s best used on hard floors and area rugs.

Mighty Mite’s filtration system consists of a self-sealing bag and a smaller, non-HEPA washable filter. The air escape in the back of the machine doubles as a convenient port for blow-out reverse suction that will mimic a shop vac and help you to clean some messes such as leaves in the garage, or dry wall powder, without changing the bag too often, or even clogging the hose.

It’s powered by a 20ft wind-up cord, so you can vacuum almost any room in the house without having to re-plug multiple times in the process. A great value for a low price.


Not all vacuums are created equal. Here’s a few reasons why this one stands out:

  1. The body design is lightweight, but also very tough. Don’t be afraid if you drop it while carrying it up the stairs, as it will probably will work just fine when you turn it on again. You also don’t have to worry about rearranging your entire closet to make room for storage, as the body is very compact.
  2. The blow-out feature is really helpful when you have a variety of messes to clean up. Rather than getting out the rake or broom to clean the garage, you can use this setting to do it without breaking your back.
  3. Suction is great on small carpets and hard surfaces, so you won’t have to worry about going over the kitchen floor 5 times to pick up the same few crumbs.


Alternatively, here’s some things you might not like about this model:

  1. It’s a bit noisy. There is no sealed motor to insulate against the sound, so don’t expect to be able to watch TV while this thing is on.
  2. Cord is non-retractable, meaning you have to spend the time to wind and unwind if you don’t want to end up unorganized.
  3. While suction is great to small carpets and hard surfaces, it is not ideal for medium or high carpets. If you try to use it on these you might have to go over the same spots a few times to get a satisfactory result.


Each of the features on this Mighty Mite is designed to give you the best value for your money. Although there aren’t as many features as on some vacuums, each works well for its intended purpose. Overall, this little machine will save your wallet the stress that other cleaners might cause, while still cleaning effectively. As always, we recommend looking at looking at actual customer reviews first before making any kind of buying decision.

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