Eureka Canister Vacuum Buying Guide

Eureka canister vacuum cleaners bring together a versatile set of appliances which will transform the way you clean the house or car’s interior. They are all compact in design but do not be deceived by their petite appearance: these are powerful canister vacuums that punch way above their weight. Indeed, as we shall presently see, these vacuums may be as lightweight as they come in terms of design but they are definitely no pushovers when it comes to versatility in cleaning both carpeted and hard surfaces.

Construction, Assembly and Maintenance

Eureka Canister VacuumA Eureka canister vacuum is designed for the long haul, requiring very little in the way of maintenance, repairs or replacement or parts. Everything, including the canister itself as well as the tools and accessories, is made from lightweight but durable composite materials.

All Eureka vacuums ship ready-to-assemble with about a dozen separate parts in the box. You do not need special tools to do the assembly. The shipping package also includes a detailed, multilingual manual with detailed information covering everything you need to know about your new appliance from assembly, how to use and maintenance.

The only part which requires regular replacement is the vacuums’ disposable dust bags. The filter will also require replacing about once a year, maybe every six months if the vacuum cleaner is subjected to frequent, heavy duty use.

To keep your machine operating at maximum efficiency, you should empty the disposable bags often and clean the filter just as regularly. These bags tend to fill up often (understandable since the vacuum cleaners are so compact) but the term “disposable” does not necessarily equate single-use. One bag can go for a month without getting any worse for wear.

Ergonomics/Ease of Use

As already implied, Eureka has some of the most compact domestic vacuums you are likely to come across. They also feature very ergonomic designs making them easy to maneuver even when cleaning hidden recesses and beneath bulky furniture.

The telescopic extension wands provide extra-long reach for removing dust from hard to reach areas such as high walls, window curtains and even the ceiling. Moreover, when you need to move to another room or up some stairs, just grab the handy grip handle and you are good to go.


All vacuum cleaners in the Eureka canister range are powered by either 12amp or 9 amp electric motors. They all come with very responsive set of controls; making it easy to control the power depending on the task at hand. There are also different brushes, nozzles and (of course) the easily extensible telescoping wand to help you reach every nook and cranny that needs cleaning. These canister vacuums do an amazing job in cleaning hard floors, upholstery, rugs and even low-pile carpeting. However, they are not the most elegant solution for cleaning high-pile carpeting.

Value for Money

These vacuums generally go for a very modest price depending on where you buy as well as accessories included. For such versatile appliances, this is a great bargain however you look at it. Ordering online is generally cheaper than purchasing from actual brick and mortar stores. Even better, all the vacuum cleaners in this range are backed by a pretty comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty covering both parts and workmanship.


One of the most outstanding features of these canister vacuums is the blower port accessory. This is handy for cleaning debris from computer keyboards and other electronic equipment with recessed parts. While it is apparently supposed to work as a leaf and debris blower, the electric motors are not powerful enough for most of outdoor tasks.

Available Models

There are four Eureka canister vacuum models in production:

  1. The 3670G Mighty Mite
  2. The 3684F Mighty Mite Pet Lover
  3. The 3500AE Total ReadyForce
  4. The 990A AirExcel Compact

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite

Formerly known as the Boss Mighty Mite, the 3670G is powered by a 12 amp electric motor and comes with a blower port which, according to Eureka, is good enough for blowing debris from garage floors or porch decks.

Eureka 3684F Mighty Mite Pet Lover

Also powered by a versatile 12 amp motor, the Pet Lover 3684F is ideal for vacuuming floors, carpets and upholstery riddled with pet fur. This is done using the cleaner’s Power Paw brush. Just as well, the Pet Lover canister vacuum comes with an odor eliminating bag for capturing pet dander and odors.

Eureka 3500AE Total ReadyForce

Arguably the most versatile of the Eureka series of canister vacuums, the ReadyForce comes with a 12 amp motor and premium features such as dual action nozzle, bag-less cyclonic separation and a HEPA passed filter in a deceptively compact design. Further convenience comes in the form of an automatic cord rewind as well as a telescopic wand to help you clean every surface from the low to the high and everything in between.

Eureka 990A AirExcel Compact

The AirExcel is just the right type of cleaner for bare, hard floors or for upholstery surfaces. It is fitted with a 9 amp electric motor. It is very lightweight and ergonomic in design and has the best performance in cleaning corners. Crucial to this performance is the AirExcel’s unique floor nozzle with its foot controlled, two-settings height adjustment switch.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very versatile
  • Durable construction
  • Sold with detailed, multilingual manuals
  • Fitted with auto shut-off feature
  • Sold with a comprehensive set of accessories including brushes, blowers, upholstery nozzles and crevice tools
  • Come with a one year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship
  • HEPA compliant air filters


  • Require constant replacement of dust bags
  • Considerably noisy
  • Quite slow when cleaning high-pile carpeted surfaces

A Eureka canister vacuum might not exactly fit the definition of domestic workhorses, but their compact design, ease of use, high performance features as well as affordable pricing easily make each one of them a contender for the bargain-of-the-year award. However, you do not have to take our word for it, order yours online and thank us later.

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