Choosing The Right Eureka Airspeed Vacuum

Good vacuum cleaners should meet a set of requirements. It should do a thorough job while being easy to use. It should be durable enough to last decades. Eureka Airspeed vacuums are made for high performance and have many other good qualities.

Choosing a vacuum that works for you:

  1. The type of surfaces in a home are a big consideration when choosing the right vacuum. For homes with end-to-end carpets, upright models are preferred because of their superior suction and tough roller brushes. Homes with hardwood floors need canister vacuums or vacuum cleaners with rubber wheels and brushes that can be detached or deactivated.
  2. Buying a versatile cleaner is a good way of getting more value for your money. A vacuum that allows attachment and removal of additions can serve many purposes. What could be better than a carpet cleaner that can be modified to clean upholstery or a wooden floor?
  3. Ergonomics is an important quality. The ideal cleaner should be light and compact. It should be relatively quiet and should have long hoses and power cords for maximum reach.
  4. Price is another important factor when making your choice. A prudent buyer purchases a quality product without spending too much.
  5. Availability of replacement parts ensures a vacuum’s longevity. A vacuum that is hard to repair because of lack of spare parts is eventually replaced.


Eureka’s Airspeed technology works by creating an efficient air path in the vacuum cleaner. Airspeed vacuums also have direct airflow from floor to cup, allowing dirt to travel a shorter distance to the dust containers. They are designed to have maximum airflow. This gives them powerful suction, making them extremely effective.

Different Airspeed models have different features that make them suited to different requirements. A comparison of the latest Airspeed models details these features.

1. Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind

High performance is this model’s biggest selling point. Airspeed technology gives it powerful suction that is maintained all through the cleaning process. This allows it to clean deeply and thoroughly. With a 27 foot retractable power cord and a 12 foot stretch hose, this vacuum has a lot of reach. It is also light and compact, making it easy to carry around and store.

However, the roller brushes that make it such an effective cleaner cannot be detached, though they can be deactivated. Care must therefore be taken when using it on wooden floors to avoid scratches. Fortunately, the vacuum has rubber wheels which are good for hardwood floors.

2. Eureka AS3008A

Assembling this vacuum cleaner may be a little challenging, but this high performance model will leave your carpets brighter and fluffier. Due to its powerful suction, it does a great job of removing dirt and pet hair from surfaces. It has efficient filters that help in removing allergens from the home. However, the filter needs regular cleaning in order to maintain its suction power.

This compact vacuum is a joy to use. It has a 27 foot retractable power cord and and 11 foot hose, which lets the user vacuum a big room without needing to unplug it. While its lightness makes it easy to move around, it also causes it to tip over when the wand tool is used.

One of the perks is its canister-dump mechanism. All you need to do to empty the dust container is to hold it over the trash can and press the release button.

3. Eureka AS2113A

The most noticeable feature of this vacuum is its versatility and lightness. It may only weigh eight pounds, but the AS2113A AS ONE comes with on-board dust and crevice tools for cleaning upholstery and hard to reach places.

Airspeed technology enables the vacuum to clean all types of surfaces deeply and thoroughly. However, compared to other Airspeed models, this one is less effective at removing pet hair and has shorter reach. It is also quite noisy. This may explain the reason it is the cheapest one on this list.

An Airspeed Vacuum For Every Need

In addition to being affordable, Eureka Airspeed vacuum cleaners clean deeply and thoroughly. They are versatile and allow for attachment of extra tools. These compact, well-designed vacuums are easy to maintain because they have readily available replacement parts. There is every reason to choose an Airspeed cleaner for your home.

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