Electrolux Nimble Brushroll Clean EL8902A Review

Electrolux Nimble EL8902AThe world of upright vacuum cleaners hosts a fierce competition.

When it’s time to replace an old vacuum or look into buying a newer model, the amount of choices and features can be overwhelming at times.

The Electrolux Nimble EL8902A with Brushroll Clean technology is a good mid-range, value vacuum that has enough power to get the job done without breaking your bank.


This vacuum doesn’t come with some of the fancy features you may have heard about on other machines, but it has some very handy things about it none the less. Here are a few of the main features on this Electrolux model:

  • HEPA filtration system: As it is a bagless vacuum, HEPA filtration greatly improves its overall effectiveness. To those who usually stick with bagged vacuums because of the added filter, this is good news. Conveniently, the filter is also washable so you might save a few bucks by washing it out whenever needed rather than replacing it with a pricey new filter each time.
  • Brushroll Clean technology: Exclusively available from Electrolux, this system boasts the ability to remove tangled up hair, strings, and what not from your brushroll by just pressing a simple button and letting it work. This is certainly a step up from having to cut all the hairs and strings with a pair of scissors!
  • Electrolux Nimble Vacuum Swivel HeadSwivel head: Increased maneuverability when pushing the machine comes from the use of a swivel head. Save a bit of your energy by just twisting it in the direction you want to go, rather than having to pull it back every time.
  • Quick-release wand: The 14-ft. wand on this vacuum is easy to release with a one-touch system so you don’t have to spend a lot of time between setting the machine up from the carpets to hard floors, stairs, etc.
  • 30 ft. cord: The standard length for a lot of vacuums is 20ft. This Electrolux gives you a bit of extra wiggle room to help reach every inch of your home without switching sockets all the time.
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic handle: A combination of these two things makes it easy to get around when you need to move to another floor or room of the house.


That’s all well and good, but how well does it actually work? Here’s a few things that don’t disappoint:

  • Dust cup is fairly large and easy to empty without making a huge mess with the dirt. A lot of times that is the complaint about bagless vacuums, but this Electrolux Nimble does a pretty good job of avoiding it.
  • Suction is powerful on both carpets and hard floors. You can switch between three different modes depending what kind of surface you are vacuuming on, which gives a bit more power to dodge harmful suction on delicate surfaces or poor suction on surfaces that require it.
  • Brushroll Clean actually works and saves a lot of trouble for maintenance. Although the secret of how it works is well hidden, you can actually manage to get the brushroll clean using their built-in method. A pleasant surprise for those used to the old fashioned scissors method!


It’s always good to know what you’re getting yourself into. With that in mind, here’s some things that seem to go wrong with this vacuum:

  • Because of the lighter design, there is a compromise on noise insulation. This model can be a bit loud, so don’t expect to enjoy your favorite tunes while you’re using it.
  • There’s no retractable cord, meaning you have to wind up all 30ft. of power cable each time you’re putting it away for storage. Maybe this isn’t a deal-breaker, but definitely tiresome after a while.
  • The strong suction and small wheels can make it a bit difficult to push around on thicker carpets.


If you choose the Electolux Nimble EL8902A over a more expensive model, the chances are you will be satisfied. Don’t expect to get all the top of the line features, but expect strong suction, good maneuverability, and easy maintenance.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for something that cleans well and has some convenient features that don’t up the price too much, this model is a fantastic choice.

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