Electrolux Ergorapido UltraPower Studio EL3000A Review

Electrolux UltraPower StudioThe Electrolux Ergorapido EL3000A UltraPower Studio with Brushroll is one of the most remarkable cordless vacuums ever created.

Its craftsmanship suits all types of surfaces- from hardwood to carpeting.

Unlike alternatives that offer 20 minutes or so of cleaning, this device lasts up to 60 minutes.

What’s more, you don’t have to remove debris from its brush because it is intuitively fitted with a blade, just for that. Here is a look at the EL3000A:


No size of debris is too large or too small for the UltraPower Studio to pick up.

It works perfectly on all surfaces, mainly due to its powerful 3 speed motor.

Unlike other stick vacuums that feature 2 cleaning modes, this gadget offers silent, boost, and normal modes for ease of use and care depending on your surface type.


Its maneuverability makes it easy to clean hard to reach surfaces like underneath furniture and around corners. Cleaning stairs is not a problem with this vacuum.


Electrolux Ergopido EL3000AAt 6.3 lb, it is one of the lightest cleaners around, which is great for cleaning large surfaces without getting tired. An LED headlight has also been cleverly added to allow you to spot debris in poorly lit surfaces.

Battery Run Time

This cordless vacuum cleaner is driven by a 25.2 volt lithium ion battery that offers up to one hour of suction. This is sheer dependability, since alternative devices don’t last half as long. What is also amazing is that the battery is fully recharged after 4 hours only.

The EL3000A features a battery level meter, which means that you will always be aware of how much charge is left. Its battery is removable and can be replaced anytime or used in conjunction with a second one so that you can clean for long without waiting for the first one to recharge.


The manufacturer of this cordless vacuum cleaner have thoughtfully included features that users have awaited for a long time. They include:

  • Removes tangled hair and debris from the brushroll with the press of a button.
  • Soft brushes and wheels made of rubber to prevent damage to your floors.
  • A skillfully inserted dust shaker that allows you to remove dust from the filter without exposing yourself to the dust.
  • Adjustable height to allow you to clean surfaces easily and comfortably.


  • There are some concerns among consumers that it’s not as powerful as alternative cleaners in the same price range. This is most notable when it comes to the removal of pet hairs on certain surfaces. The device can, therefore, be considered to be a bit pricey in this respect.
  • Its filter fills up quicker than expected, which is inconveniencing because you have to empty it every now and then.
  • For the battery to last close to an hour, you have to use the device on silent mode, which is not so powerful. There are concerns that it does not pick up large pieces of debris easily.


The UltraPower Studio is mostly ideal for carpets or areas with smaller debris. It is a chic vacuum that offers dependable service due to its advanced features and user-friendliness. Read some of the user reviews first before deciding if this vacuum is right for you.

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