Choosing The Right Electrolux Canister Vacuum

“I’m gonna knock on your door, ring your bell, tap on your windows too…”

If you were born in the 20th century, you would most likely recognize that catchy commercial jingle of Electrolux. When Eddie Hodges sang this song (that’s right, the song was a hit in the 60s), I’m sure he had no idea that this would later on become Electrolux’s business model. Electrolux salesmen went house to house, knocking on doors and doing demonstrations for housewives. It was an effective sales campaign because pretty soon, vacuum cleaners were associated with this Swedish-based company.

Almost a century after their incorporation, and even after several changes in ownership, the brand remains strong in the market and continues to manufacture model after model in an effort to answer every one of its customer needs.

Since every user is different, there is no single Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner that is right for every one. Here’s a guide in choosing the right one for you:


The number one rule in managing your household finances is to always have a budget. Do not let the market dictate your purchases because there will always be something you want to buy.

Once you decide that you need a canister vacuum, your first step should be to set a limit on what you can spend for this. This is one of the advantages of choosing an Electrolux vacuum – they have a wide range of selections priced from just over a $100 to $1000.

Stay within your budget. A word of caution though, do not focus solely on the money. You might find a model that is way below your budget.

Electrolux has been in the business for a hundred years so they know a thing or two about consumer needs. You might just be surprised at what you find if you just be diligent in your research.


Aside from looking at your budget, you should also find out what you need. Most of the time, price is a function of engine power, that is, the higher the wattage, the more dollars you need to shell out. When do you need more wattage? If you want more suction power, then a machine with more wattage will deliver what you want.

A note of caution, because of advances in technology, some of the green vacuums use lower power so look beyond the wattage.

If optimum performance is a big factor in your decision, compare the flow rate and depression of various canister vacuums as well.

You should also know that the higher wattage vacuums are noisier. This is usually expressed in decibels.

Handling and Accessories

In addition to engine power, the primary user should be able to handle the cleaner by herself. Bigger engine powers usually means added weight.

If you have to clean two floors even just once a week, you don’t want to lug around a 20 pounder. Go to an appliance store and try out the various models and see if you can actually handle using it around.

At the same time, ask about the accessories that go with the cleaner. Make sure that the accessories are the ones that you need in your house. If your house is made of hardwood floors, get the one with a hard-floor brush. This is why you should know where and how you will use the vacuum. It’s advisable that the primary user be the one to make the decision.


About 50 million Americans are allergic. If your household is part of this statistic, you should also consider a cleaner with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. Make sure to check the casing because leakages will render the filter useless.


While purchasing the right vacuum cleaner is not rocket science, you should nevertheless take the time to consider the foregoing factors before plunking the dollars.

Even though they costs a few hundred dollars, you don’t want to constantly change the one you are using. Electrolux is a proven brand, so keeping to it makes the shopping experience less of a hassle.

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