How a Dyson Robot Vacuum Makes My Life Easier

The Dyson robot vacuum can simply be labelled as having “a great suction power compared to any other robot vacuum” in the contemporary market. It boasts an innovative, Dyson Digital Motor V2—which is essentially the driving force behind this small, lightweight and super-powerful vacuum cleaner.

What Makes it Different

The Dyson 360 Eye typically runs on a patented cyclonic technology that’s somewhat similar to manual vacuum cleaners. Apparently, this is a key feature that differentiates it from various other robot vacuums available in the contemporary market.

Dyson boasts a good number of unrivaled features that make it atop any other machine out there. Truth be told, this machine has been my salvage and I always count on it anytime I need to perform a rigorous cleaning exercise in my house.

Here are some of the top features which help to make my life a lot easier. It simplifies my work above and beyond expectation:

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

Dyson integrates Radial Root Cyclone Technology to suck up dirt and dust from a wide variety of surfaces. This machine captures any and all the dirt particles on the surface; including microscopic dust particles present on the surface you’re cleaning.

Unlike other robotic vacuums available, the Dyson 360 Eye provides suction through the entire width of your machine. This lets you clean a wider area in a very short time possible. It boasts the best Cyclone Technology that generates enough force to capture mold and pollen particles—which are typically buried deep inside the fibers of the rugs or carpets.

Sensors and Algorithms

It utilizes sensors and crafty algorithms to map your house’s design. It then uses this in giving each and every room a decent clean up. You’ll realize that whenever it comes across a certain barrier, say a door or wall, your machine will automatically sense and navigate around the supposed obstacle—making your cleaning work much easier than before.

Easy Schedule

It’s imperative to point out that this neat little machine can be scheduled to operate on specific days and times. Thus, you don’t need to be literally present while it’s running. You can simply set it up to vacuum your floors amid the day, probably when you’re out at work. It will do its work perfectly well, and you’ll be surprised to come back home in the evening only to find a faultlessly cleaned carpet.

How does it happen? Well, it features the Dyson Link application for iOS and Android that lets you request a one-time cleaning operation or set a recurring cleaning schedule on the go. It boasts such functionality as start, stop, and pause, which are quite handy as far as scheduling the device is concerned.

Apparently, the purported functionalities give Dyson’s robot vacuum a concrete edge when it comes to the smart-home market. Also, it is quite compact and can flawlessly fit underneath your furniture. Do you expect a regular vacuum cleaner to fit into the furniture? Of course, the best answer is a big “NO”. Yet the Dyson’s vacuum gets to such places as beds, sofas and even cupboards with absolute ease—making your cleaning task quite easy to accomplish.

Impressive Battery Life

Dyson’s powerful performance is definitely due to its impressive battery life. If you fully charge your device, it can last up to 30 minutes of continuous running before it runs out of juice. Similarly, when your device requires a recharge, the 360 conveniently scurries itself back to the designated charging station.

In comparison, the Dyson 360 Eye has a very generous battery life. It can successfully complete numerous cleaning sessions before it can require a recharge; allowing you to clean several rooms at a go. Isn’t it great? I bet, it is—and I do hope you’re in terms with me. It’s about time you swap to this model for ultimate cleaning experience.

My Final Thought

In a nutshell—this robot vacuum from Dyson provides a better and more efficient cleaning than many of the other models available in the market. This is because it boasts an advanced digital motor, large brush head, and the radio root cyclone technology. It promises to deliver significantly more powerful suction compared to the previous models—making it a better option for swapping your “manual” vacuum cleaner altogether!

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